Irish Paper One Reactions

Earlier in the day we had Maths Paper 2. In the afternoon, Irish Paper 1 and then the Irish Aural. Here’s what you thought about it all..


Aisling: well, that was………… yeah… college isn’t that important, right?? it’ll be grand…:(
Ash: Irish couldn of been any harder!!!
Ciara: thinks a 5 year old cud of written a better irish paper for me πŸ˜€
Simone: irish paper 1 and maths paper 2 wer very very haaaard Ò€¦
Johnny: maths went wayyy better than expected!! :D, irish did go as expected haha loada shite all together
Lorcan: Could my irish letter get any worse? i better finish it here off… Do chara, Seníor ding dong.
Eamonn: Quinn dropped to pass last min! fucking EASY!
Marie: Wicked but screwed 4 ppr 2 tmrow πŸ™ tÑ Ñn Teanga Gaeilge Go mhaith :))
Mike: Irish will be the death of my leaving cert!
Jamie: irish listening should go **** itself !!!!!!
Eoin: Maths p.2, graand. Irish p.1, graand. Irish Aural, shocking.
Stevie: Tank god irish is nearly finished,just hope paper 2 wil be just as easy as paper 1
Danielle: i have 2 admit 2day cudnt of got worse wat a disaster…..:( πŸ™ πŸ™ screw you irish!!!!
Tommy: Left pass after 30 mins πŸ˜›
Shane: Shite
Athena: Relihan Did extract questions and still walked out an hr early, lunched it in town till the aural, lazy times are gd times


@_suzy_q: Maths <3 . Irish aural and paper 1 was tough enough. Essay titles weren’t kind, ha.
@WildeAboutOscar: Phew, got the essay I wanted on Irish Paper 1. Aural was fine despite Donegal Irish bit they always include just to annoy us.
@DanMcGrath182: Maths paper 2 was a disaster..,.. Irish paper 1 was pretty easy… 4 exams to go!
@flowerchild_x: Maths is done FOREVER! And Irish Paper 1 went well! πŸ™‚
@XxKizxX: Irish Paper 1 done πŸ™‚ i wrote a lovely essay about a green day concert πŸ˜› <3

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