Is Facebook coming up in English?

Last year’s ordinary level english paper had a comprehension question based on Youtube. Candidates had to read an article and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube. The second question asked if the image accompanying the article was suitable. The public’s response to YouTube was the third part of the question. Obviously with comprehension you are presented with the article and you just need to show your understanding of it. However, if you had an idea of the sort of topic coming up you would have an advantage…

The final part of last years ordinary level english paper was based on writing two diary entries or blog posts. It’s good to see that examiners are tailoring the exam questions to students interest so can we expect to see the same again this year? It’s not a certainty but it’s certainly a possibility 😉

photo credit: Matt-Richards

Is it possible that an article on the facebook privacy settings could be up for discussion this year? What about facebook addiction? or the dangers of facebook? It’s very late to be guessing but if a technology type question does come up it is good to be geared to answer it. Just by reading these posts you could be sub-consciously revising for leaving cert english. Even better get some writing practice and drop us a comment sharing your ideas on what might come up in english this year!

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