Is it me or is time going pretty quick……

So its midterm already and hasnt the time gone by very quick. (too quick for my liking). But now midterm is hallways over and then its back to the grindstone. Well to be fair the amount of work i got to too over the midterm was actually a joke . The amount of it was just unreal it would bring tears to your eyes.

Well as for studying well ive finally gotten around to it and its going alright (so far anyways) and as for my history project well that hasnt come on any further. like yad think a history exam would be hard enough to do all these dates and names to remeber.Like what sick minded person tought ”how else can we persecute these leaving cert students anymore I know lets make them write a 2000 word project”’.some people are just sick minded.

The best thing about midterm is I dont have to listen to the teachers and there problems . like i dont know if anyone else has this problem but I have  a few teachers who just tell us there life stories.  like who wants to hear about that.  about how the government is doing them over, and how much tax they have to pay, and how broke they are ,and how its not worth there time being here.The way they go on about there money problems I feel like giving them the money from my pocket, im shocked theres not a violin player in the background . Like there not that badly paid like to hear the rants of one of them it would make ya think maybe Trocaire or concern should give up on africa and start making appeal adds for teachers. Im sure every school has a few of them.

well that’s all for now lads, have still a huge amount of work to do.

cian 🙂

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