Je ne sais pas!!!! HELP!!!

I am doing my Leaving Cert for the 2nd time and I really need help!!! How in gods name can you understand french.

I need to know are there any tips/tricks/pointers that anyone has to offer as I am actually scared!

Please Help!!!!!

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  1. Best advice:
    1. listen to some french music and put on the cd that comes with the back of your book!
    2. Learn your grammer
    3. On a random day, make a list of the top 5 random topics that come into your head, then Google translate at least 3 words for each topic. This will help build your vocabulary
    4. Listen to your teacher.
    5. Have french hours with your pals where you speak french only and try and hold up a conversation, never mind family and school stuff try and talk about your interest!
    6. If your still not getting it, and if you can afford it then get grinds from a french person.


  2. get your exam papers and do every single comprehension! Have a notebook and a dictionary beside you:
    every word that you dont know or are just unsure about write it in your notebook and get the translation! do this with all of the comprehensions and the listening exercises too! if you have the edco exam papers it has the written scripts to all the listening exercises! listen to the cd while reading the script it can help you recognise how words sound different and when you see them youll recognize them in future! write all new words from these exercises in your notebook! read over all the vocab regularly and every now and then get your friend/mam/sister etc to test you on some random words! itll build up your vocab! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Oral : Find someone who can speak french and practice … any small amount of practice will be a huge help … prepare 3-6 sentence answers to all the simple questions to kill time .. its only 10 mins . and definitely prepare a document !!
    Aural : Listen to last 10 yeas aurals and try to answer them .. u can download them online ( you can get the answers online as well .
    Wriiten exam : Again do all previous exam papers, and keep doing them !! U will learn vocab. along the way and you will also be totally familiar with exam layout .
    Learn vocabulary every day … 10 new words between now and exam.
    Bon Chance

  4. i was in a pretty similar situation as you in spanish in 5th year… i had no clue! i couldnt even constuct a single sentence. i started getting grinds at the start of 6th year and now im flying! if theres one thing i learned in the grinds is that you should just learn off your oral topics profoundly. seriously, if you know how to talk about your school, future, past summers etc, youre pretty much sorted! you’ll have a basic idea of tenses and vocab and you can use it for written parts in the exam. for the comprehensions, all i can say for them is to just get loads of vocab notes on various topics that have come up before….if you do these things all least you know you’ll probably pass. good luck!

  5. Hey….

    My kind of hints, when reading any documnet try the french accent… pronounce every syllable (spelling is terrible im terrible at english) like every language grammer is key…. and also try not to directly translate try say what you CAN SAY….. The only thing i said was what was the time…. in stead you could say…j’ai dit quel heure il est maintenant… …

  6. There is this book called Rapid Revision French, it a ten week programme so it takes you through the paper week by week it’s fantastic I improved from a c to a b in three weeks, you have to be committed to the programme and stick to it it takes about 3 hours a week but it’s most of the French study you will need to do! Bon chance!

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