Last on the timetable

We recently published a post on the leaving cert timetable and it all kicks off on the 9th of June 2010, yeah that’ right chalk it down… the leaving cert start date is the 9th of June.

Tic Tock
photo credit: Jophuz

If you are lucky enough to be doing the following seven subjects: English, Home Economics, Engineering, Geography, Maths, Irish and Business then you could be finished in exactly 7 days. But spare a thought for people doing the technology, religious education, applied maths and italian exams…

Do not walk
photo credit: Mait Jüriado

They won’t be finished until June 25th… and worst of all is Japanese students who don’t finish until 5.20pm on the 25th, if they’ve kicked off with the english paper on the 9th that’s a long long wait to get them all finished off. It’s not all bad though as there’s a lot more time between exams to cram in some last minute study.

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