LC can’t make idiots smarter

That’s not on the course. Nonsense. Everything before 1919 never happened… according to LC history. Writing multiple different essay types… each subject demands the polar opposite. In Classics you write short and concise. In history you write long over stretched pages (3x 5 pages in 3x 42.5 min) in English, I don’t know. Probably something else too. My classmates think that the “course” and the bloody “points” will make them … make them what exactly? What does 625 points get you? The LC is like a screwed up game, where your score determines a lot for most. But the LC can’t make idiots smarter. When has anyone bothered to use what your taught? There is no use for the LC. It is a relic, and a relic belongs in a museum , and not in front of 21st century society. What good is education anymore? YouTubers make more money than authors now!! So what does sweat inch over an obsolete reminder of the 19th century get us? nothing .

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