Leaving Cert Bootcamp – 2 Free Tickets to Give Away

The first ever leaving cert ‘bootcamp’ is taking place on Saturday, March 19th in The Convention Center, Dublin and we’ve got two free tickets to give away to you guys…

Bootcamp – A training camp for military recruits. You’re not going to be made do 100 press ups or run laps of the Convention Center in Dublin (you’re free to do that if you want!)… but you will be put through your paces mentally for your Leaving Cert in June. Right now you’re probably stressed, worried or procrastinating. Right? Fear not, that’s normal…

In fact it’s so normal that this boot camp is going to help you cope with all of that mental pressure whilst teaching you some best practice study techniques which have come about after extensive research.

The event is being organised by Cormac Moore who is an NLP Youth Coach. He has met with and analysed the thought processes of 30 high scoring (500+ points) leaving cert students and transferred this approach to underachieving students in several pilot programs. The results were dramatic with memory retention in a class more than doubling and one student going from 7% to 70% in a maths test in less than a week.

That won’t happen with everyone, the results may not be as dramatic for you, but it will open up your eyes to different ways of learning and perhaps provide you with the structure and motivation you need to sit down and learn something as opposed to sitting down and trying to learn something. As Cormac points out;

The biggest difference between Bootcamp and other pre exam courses is that it’s a course that was created for students by students. All of the content is drawn from the study techniques of the top points achievers in the country so it’s something that students can really relate to and apply at home themselves.

There’ll also be some motivational talks by big names like Dragon’s Den star Sean Gallagher and MCD Chief Operations Officer, Damien O’ Donoghue. Ticket prices to this event are €35 per person and you can buy them online and get more info at www.theleavingcertbootcamp.com.

We have, however, managed to secure one of you guys a pair of free tickets! All you have to do stand a chance of winning 2 free tickets is to ‘like’ us on Facebook or retweet this blog post by clicking on the ‘tweet’ button above. Simple as that. We’ll pick a winner at random this day next week (Wednesday, March 16th) at 9pm.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Cert Bootcamp – 2 Free Tickets to Give Away”

  1. Marie Mc Sweeney

    I would really like to win this for my friend and I because she is planning on studying medicine and I plan on studying pharmacy. We know now that we are on the final hurdle to the exams and we really need tips on how to study efficiently.If we were given the opportunity to attend this course we would really appreciate it as we would give it our utmost attention because we want to achieve our goals.
    Thank you for taking your time yo read this!

  2. Hey. Thanks a million for the tickets me and my friend really enjoyed the bootcamp and now must put it into use.

    1. glad you enjoyed the day emma, yeah it’s always easier ‘talking’ than ‘doing’ 🙂

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