leaving cert maths stats

Leaving Cert Maths has a pretty high pass rate

In this series of leaving cert stats posts, we hope to share some stats with you to show how good past results have been. Did you know, in 2015 94.1% of students passed Ordinary Level Maths? Now ask yourself, are you really that worried about ‘failing’ Maths? Our guess is that if we put 50 of you into a room, there would be a lot more than 5.9% of you that would say you are worried about failing Maths. Think about the discussions you’ve had with others and the self-doubt you’ve had were you told yourself ‘I’ll never pass Maths’ etc. How many people do you guess said that to themselves before taking the 2015 leaving cert exams? Again our guess would be a lot more than the 5.9% that failed, but the stats show that the pass rate is excellent.

Think positively, last year 73.7% of people that took the Ordinary Level Maths exam obtained a grade of C3 or better! With just under ten weeks to go there is plenty of time to make sure that you are one of the 7 out of 10 people in your class to get into this grade bracket. If you are really worried and just want to pass, remember the leaving cert stats from last year show that you have a 94% chance of doing so!

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