Leaving cert points – fairness?!?

If anyone can explain to me how decreasing the number of grade bands and making the results less precise is going to lead to greater fairness, I am all ears. What if person A gets 89% in 6 subjects and another person B gets 90% in 6, they are off each other in total by only 6% but there is a difference in points of 72 points (528 vs. 600). A DIFFERENCE OF 6% SHOULD NOT EQUATE TO 72 POINTS! Similarly, person A will get the same points as a student who gets 6 80%, that’s a difference of 54% for the same points. Why wont they just give us our percentage? WHY?! I cant understand why and its making me feel like an idiot……

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  1. Looking for help!!
    Can anybody tell me with the new system what constitues a pass in LC foundation maths??
    Need to calm down a stressed teen who feels his exam went badly…

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