Leaving Cert Results Day 2016

Results day has arrived and the wait is over for more than 58,000 leaving cert students this morning who are now scrambling to work out their points total with a points calculator. We hope everyone got what they (a) wanted (b) deserved but if not, it’s not the end of the world…

If you feel you should have scored higher in certain subjects, there’s always the appeals process. August 23nd is the deadline for returning application forms to view scripts and there is NO charge for viewing scripts (there’s a €40 charge per subject if you decide to appeal).

CAO round 1 offers come out on August 22nd and you have until August 29th to accept them. Round 2 offers are out on September 1st. If you still don’t get the course you want and your results aren’t as high as you’d have hoped, you can always repeat the leaving cert.

Many students also opt to take a year out and work / travel / do both before deciding on a career path. It’s also worth noting that further education (at least in the academic sense) isn’t for everyone and isn’t needed by everyone to build successful careers.

Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Princess Diana, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jim Carrey, Walt Disney all either failed to make it in to college or else dropped out while in it. Even the great Albert Einstein failed at the first attempt in an entrance exam to a Swiss third level institution…

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