Leaving Cert, Shmeaving Cert…

WOW! Hello there… and welcome to my first blog EVER…  Is it weird that I’m nervous?

Y’know, it feels as though I’m being put on the spot! It’s like when someone asks you “Who’s your favourite band?” or “What’s your favourite movie?” when you could talk about the favourite (and indeed lesser than favourite things) for hours on a random whim, when asked those question on the spot your mind suddenly goes blank. Hopefully this won’t always be the case… my intention is to keep my blog and as up to date as entertaining as possible! Well I might as well introduce to you my weird and wonderous mind, firstly….

My name is Kiera (#2) and I’m 16.  I stand at the humongous, grossly tall height of 5 feet. I have passions for many things in life; music, my friends, science, acting, laughing, making a complete fuzzball of myself, making strange sounds (not an exaggeration…I seriously think it’s becoming a compulsion. Help!) , eating, and maintaining a love of Jedward with my partner in crime, my best friend, Ciara. (Don’t judge please, I’m out loud and proud about my love for them. :))

Now, down to the nitty-gritty. School. Leaving Cert. This year. HELP. It’s been…three weeks since we started it, and how do I feel? Completely relaxed. Not stressing at all. THIS SCARES ME.  I’ve been to Higher Options, and feel better about what I want to do. WHAT?! Almost everyone that I know came out of it after the gruelling day, with what should have been a giant question mark imprinted over their head. I came out with 13 prospectuses lowering me closer and closer to the ground, but only one course I had my heart set on. (English and Drama in UCD, 395 points… YIPPEE!) But it confuses me why people are stressing out so much?! I wouldn’t consider myself an absolute Albert Einstein, like I think if I work to my fullest I’ll get at most 450-475 points, but I see people much smarter than me losing hair! (Not really, just getting a trim off it, maybe)…and it leads me to ask this question: Is there something WRONG with me??!! 😮 If you feel either shock or compassion for my statement, let me know! I need another person’s opinions badly…

Thanks for reading, Kiera (#2) 🙂 x

A note to Kiera (#1) if you’re reading this….cool name. 😉

4 thoughts on “Leaving Cert, Shmeaving Cert…”

  1. Aloha! It’s not weird, I was nervous too. 🙂 I think I’m (a wee bit) in the same boat as you. I’m not fully sure what I want to do, either journalism or architecture methinks, but I’m rapidly getting my heart set on UL… I guess not being stressed is a good thing but I could do with a bit of panic to get me motivated – I’ll be aiming for at least 450 points to be sure of one of those courses. I’m waaay too lazy for my own good right now.

  2. To Kiera, I must say I like your name too,not as cool as mine,but its close 😛
    Well done with the blog!

  3. Kiera Uimhir a Dó

    Sarah, I know how you feel! Like I’m set on that specific UCD course because I’d love to do acting, but if that doesn’t pan out too well I would probably do an MA in journalism…. 🙂
    I often go into bouts of panic, y’know those OMFGOMFG I HAVE TO SIT A LIFE-CHANGING ST OF EXAMS moments, but then I sit down and spend six hours on Facebook. Woe is me. 😛 I’m hoping that reading other blogs will make me get more serious! 😀 Thanks for sharing how you feel. :’)

    Kiera, aye it’s a close call alright! But I have to give it to you, you’re Kiera Uimhir a hAon after all. 🙂 And thanks! x

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