leaving cert!

hey guys its only 12 weeks to the leavingcert:O and im so freaking out! i need tips on how to motivate myself and has any one good study tips for the up coming weeks! i feel like iv nothing done ๐Ÿ™


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  1. Its so scary its only around the corner:s I’ve done absolutely no study so far and the mocks went horrible!!! I tryed to do a maths paper 1 tonight and realised how screwed I am:(

    1. heey! yeah i know me too like, it’s ridiculously close, esp orals and shit? hmm anyway yeah i’m having like the same prob with motivation? I think the best thing is to just have like a calender and shit on your wall and stuff? and just like to keep an eye on the passing weeks? i just did that yesterday and already i’m like Oh em geee totes have to settle down to study! it’s sooo working! ffs it’s sooooo hard tho….like my mocks went superbly but i totes fluked some of them, tbh! ๐Ÿ˜› anyway best of luck, we need to support each other! mwah xoxo

  2. ashley carroll

    ya guys im the exact same and to actually sit down and study is a big problem for me id so much rather be outside:( im so freaking out about the orals and il i have to do is learn everything off but for the teachers they think its so easy to do when its so hard for us:( maths will be a killer if i dont pass, but thanks for the advice i will try the calender method and see if it works:) best of luck guys!

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  4. Week if you have an iPhone or iPad this app has been amazing for me. Hs all th past papers , auras etc at your finger tips.


    Other than that just have to close the curtains turn off the tv and get stuck in!

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