Lemurs and Decisions.

Ahh field trips. The joy and excitement they unfailingly inspire. Also, wellies.

Last week 90% of my year went to Fota to do our Ecology Field Study. Quite the experience. I love how a lemur can make a bunch of 18 year old lads act like proud fathers. Honestly, they showed us videos of him, in that way new parents do. A tad worrying. But all the same, a bit hilarious. “Look at his little hands.. Awww..”
Enjoyable as the day was, I think Ecologist is firmly off my list of careers. Being rained on is not my cup of tea in the slightest, and the only reason I managed to catch any bugs was because a woodlouse ย was on my mate’s hoodie and I rescued it. Giving permission for students to smoke while doing this is also a sure-fire way to make sure nothing is done, just a quick heads up there to Fota. Although the wearing of wellies was one of the highlights of my life, mud and physical movement combined with rain were perhaps not such amazing experiences. Oh well, got to see giraffes and a suicidal wallaby. Poor guy literally looked like he was about to top himself, I wanted to give him a cuddle.

Moving on! The year is flying, I’m moderately terrified at this whole “It’s October” carry on. See, in September, the LC was 9 months away. AGES. You could have a baby in that time. Not that I intend to, but the option was there.. Nevermind. Now it’s 8, and that’s practically a week and a half in my slightly panicked mind. I’ve decided to majorly knuckle down now, study plans and the lot, intentions are fabulous. But the road to hell and all that.. I’m also kinda wondering about whether teaching is really what I want. I mean, I know I want it, I’ve wanted to teach for about 10 years now, but I can’t help wanting to do something like Psychology. Psychiatry would be amazing but I don’t want to do Medicine really, so maybe Clinical Psychology.. Oooh decisions. I dislike them. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Lucky Mary I can provide me with a compromise, but I’d also prefer not to leave the decision until after a 4 year course.. Ahh. Hopefully the Psychology talks at UCC this weekend will sway me one way or another. Anyone else going by the way? Say hi! ๐Ÿ™‚

I could rant and rave about workloads, but I’ve got a whole year to do that, so I’ll let it slide now. I did have a beautiful moment today in History when I properly sorted out what I could completely ignore out of those two massive books. Why I neglected to do this before, I do not know, because I honestly felt like dancing. History is no longer scary. Two A’s from my Anti-A teacher have also helped. I nearly skipped out of the classroom. Happy days ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, no point in History being manageable if I don’t bother to manage it. G’luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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