Now that the French Orals are over, i was wondering did anyone read the Novel L’etranger by Albert Camus for their documnet…

Im doing it now for next years oral, and im taking french outisde of school…

any help/notes or even just advice would be great...

I picked the novel to have something vibrant and abstract than just a picture…


Thanks a million,


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  1. Bonjour ! I am a French oral examiner. I would advise to only do the book if you are interested in it. Have a summary (short) ready as you will most likely be asked: de quoin parle le livre ? Have a description (short) of characters (les personnages), favourite passage/moment; reason for choosing the book. Do you know more French books? How was it reading in French? Then we usually expand so you could be asked about what you like reading in general / pastimes etc… I hope it helps you! SPK

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for the reply. As i said im doing french outside as an 8 subject. Personally i like reading but i chose the novel because of the amount of people i know that brought pictures in, i just though id have an edge.
    Just querious did anyone this ear for your orals read a book?
    And do you by any chance have a list of particular question or any phrases,? I don’t have grinds, (bit expensive) but im gonna look into a revision course this summer.


  3. Do not worry about the document at all. I had a collage of french college made out, and about 5 a4 pages prepared on every possible thing they could ask me. On the day the examiner left it till the end and spent the grand total of 60 seconds on it :/
    Depends on the examiner i suppose but don’t worry about it too much

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