Lost all patience dealing with the leaving cert!

I feel like I’ve lost all my patience dealing with the LC and my school itself, and at my breaking point currently.
It’s ridiculous how much the school makes grades and points like a competition. The way I see it, students are subtly indoctrinated into thinking
that grades reflect their intellect and self worth.
Shoving heaps of useless information on my existence is making me feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing in the 18 years of my life.
School is just leaving me depressed and bitter. I know this is quite extreme, but I guess things like this affect everyone differently.
My one friend who has been with me since 1st year has left school many months ago due to reasons I won’t get into. Since I’ve been left
isolated since then, it’s very daunting coming into school everyday knowing that you’ll have nobody to share your thoughts with, talk to or
even have someone to have company. All I can do is look forward to college, since nobody would know me as the ‘awkward and silent one who’d
avoid everyone and who nobody even knew existed’…
Needless to say, the LC is outdated. Things would have been much better if Ireland had the A-levels, since there’s less content is required to study for.
I’m probably going be left mentally scarred and half brain dead once my exams are over, yet it’s going to be so blissful disposing my uniform and
having a book burning ritual. Hhhhgggnnhh 7 weeks left of this torture.

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