Maths Paper 2 and Irish 1 and Irish Aural

For about three minutes I lived in blissful blissful ignorance. I woke up, having completely forgotten than I have a Leaving Cert to sit.. I just lay in bed… All warm and happy with only the mildest of mild niggles saying to me, “Hmm… do I have something to do today?”.
Did I what.

Maths paper one, I liked it really. Okay there was an oddity at the end of the graph thing but I muddled though. Happy also (for the most part) with my Further Caculus. Didn’t earn myself any A1 but hopefully I’ve have snagged something to be happy with.

Okay, Irish one. THANK YOU SEC! I really love those Irish essays.. Mine always seem to go along the lines of “AHHH, despair.. blame the politicians.. But shur, it’ll be grand”.

Aural.. Was fine! Shrug like.. As irrelevant as ever but shur that the exam for you.

God, I am EXHAUSTED. I wish that I didn’t have two exams tomorrow. It may just kill me. I have a nasty suspicion that I’ll be either to bed quite late or up extremely early.. Fun. On the plus side, the coffee shop by school now says that I can “drink free” until my exams are okay. SAVAGE. I think I was happier at that prospect than the recession essay in Irish. Coffee, nom nom nom.
Okay, Irish Paper Two.. 30% of the marks, 100% of the tears.

Shit, just remembered I actually have business too.. Nasty.

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  1. That’s so weird! I woke up this morning in the same way! I was lying there for ages trying to work out what day it was.
    And then it hit me.
    Like a brick wall.
    Going at 100mph.

    Scheduling Irish 2 and business together is just nasty! Guess you’ll need all that free caffeine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anyone any predictions for Irish tomorro?
    No divine interventions or Mary didn’t appear to you during the tape test to give you hints or anything?

  3. I’m going to end up spending the night on Irish and just hoping for the best with Business…
    See this is what happens when you do a subject that you have no interest in.

    Oh yah, befriending the owner/all staff and buying coffee there practically every mornig for two years earn you some perks!

  4. “Okay, Irish Paper Two.. 30% of the marks, 100% of the tears. ”

    Oh so true. *curls up in a ball and cries* Perhaps actually going off to learn some of it may help…. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Haha ๐Ÿ˜€ Good ole Mary! There’s one on the piano in my exam centre.. Just staring at me… Unflinchingly.

  6. When will you people get it??? Caffeine, to use the expression for dummies, ” Keeps your body awake, but puts your mind asleep”. FACT. So you actually have less concentration. Berocca Boost on the other hand, contains Guarana, which actually helps your mind. And you want to be a doctor Marie. Tut Tut, shame on you!

  7. No I don’t… Well I don’t thinkk I do :p
    What about the smarty pants like me who down Barocca AND coffee?!
    God my body hates me

  8. did you know berocca boost are banned in sports, i got drug tested and failed because of it and couldnt run for 6 months ๐Ÿ™

  9. WAH
    I’m going to do badly, really badly!
    Okay, gonna turn off the distractions…. SIGH
    Good luck to all ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. If the people on 2fm would just hurry up and talk about Irish paper 2 I could go and do some work but no. They’re discussing German!
    COME ON!!!

  11. I’m with Elizabeth.. WHERE is this coffee shop? The hard rock cafรฉ “down town” names all it’s dishes after films. It’s a damn good idea but NO free coffee! Some people have it good!

    Today… coffee filled. I brought a triple espresso into the exam… a mate commented that the smell alone kept him going.

    Irish was enjoyable. Let’s hope business isn’t too sticky.

  12. Mary did appear. She said “I know what Barry did to Anne… and she’s “going to apply for the news reader spot”.. apparently God doesn’t pay her expenses for the whole IVF treatment…

  13. I haven’t played the piano in weeks… it’s soul destroying…

    Eugh. Okay as much as I’d like to keep reading and enjoying the oddly comforting “craic” here.. I should go. Give up yer auld sins…

  14. We got free ice-cream cones in Centra on the first Wednesday.

    Also – 30% of the marks/100% of the tears… sums it up rather nicely.

  15. Also.. FOR YOUR OWN SAKES.. DRINK TWICE AS MUCH WATER AS THE COFFEE YOU INTAKE. I’ve seen someone overdose on coffee and get his stomach pumped. It happens.

    Also without sounding vulgar.. all this liquid and 2-3 hour exams. If anyone else really appreciates the word RELIEF… say I!


  16. Really? I don’t care.. I’m still sending them an e-mail thanking them for their wonderous invention and frankly offering my services as a test hamster*…

    *I like to say I’m against animal testing.. however I’m the first to say “try the steak”

  17. Oh this blog has kept me goin through these horrible times ……. Irish p.1 has put me on a high though! Now to the tricky one …….
    Anyone got the same plan as this…?
    *An bhean og
    *Nil aon ni
    *Bimse Buan
    *An mhathair
    *Da m’bfhedir
    Any tips pleasssssssssssssse help!!

  18. You’ll never know… haha. (the food ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

    Right I’m really gone now. I need sleep. 3am. Woo :P.

  19. Not nil aon ni because it was discovered last year that the poets a pedophile so it would be totally unethical for the SEC to put it on the paper.

  20. What is Berocca…?
    Also… Ordinary Irish for the dumbies like myself … ”Des Bishop was born in New York” – ”Where was Des Bishop born” haaaaaaaaaaaa ๐Ÿ™‚
    3 exams left.. Holla Wooooooooo :))))

  21. Also… just looking through Irish Papers…. Cearrbhach, Bhean Og, Jack & Gealt seem pretty regular questions ๐Ÿ™‚
    haaa ACE!

  22. cddddddddddddd

    Yeahie that narrows it down even more but we were told to do it because its not offacially gone off the course!! Meh i’ll chance leavin it out as i have with half of the course already!!!

  23. cdddddddddddd, all im saying is that the SEC would receive an awful lot of complaints if it came up and probably bad media coverage.

    Katie, Berocca is like this super duper tablet that you dissolve in water and it gives you like great concentration and energy for the exams. It can be found at all good chemists nationwide.
    P.S. I DO NOT work for Berocca, i swear.

  24. Haaaa YESS YOU DOOO… don’t lie haha
    ahhh pity i didn’t know this last week when i had stresssss exams… meh ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Haha, Berocca should start paying us for whoring their stuff!

    Is anyone else just going to have a COMPLETE LAUGH tomorrow?
    Winging it!
    Hopefully Business will be okay..
    Least this time toMorrow I can be a happy bunny ^_^

  26. enough of them maths now…
    Wow… dedicated chap.
    I’m learning an Triail quotes, having a better than vague idea of the storys, having a vague notion of the poems..oh and stair. I’m being VERY selective with that and could TOTALLY fuck myself over but it’s only .05% thats not worth any tears

    what. fun.

  27. Ah it’s all about Jude atm, lost cause anyone?
    (my catholic school education is FINALLY paying off :p)

  28. Yup, all those years of freaking out students and teachers by moving Mary statues , good times… Sigh.

  29. Orts and Ort are loike totally different though. Orts is loike….geography and english and shit. Ort is like picasso man.

    Ugh i know *flicks on tg4*

  30. I want to wing… but I’m going to slog it. I made really mank tasting 4 spoons of It’s Nescafรฉ blend 35. Now Blend 140. mmmmmmmmmm eugh.

  31. Adrian… you’re actually studying business?
    Okay. I’m guilted.. going to business books instead of bed… I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY

  32. Good to know! :p

    Ugh, the amount of “wingage” that’ll be going on tomorrow is just mad.

    Anyone else freaked at how explicit An Oilean is? Doirty!
    “come to my lakes, eat my berries”

  33. Did you ever read Dialinn Caoimhe….jaysus! Under age pregnacy, abortion, under age drinking. The lot!

  34. We’re impressionable youths.. Why are we being faced with this? Surely it’s going to fuck us up and send us out into the world with no morals, questionable habits and most likely pregnant. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ WONT SOMEBODY THINK OF THE US?!

  35. Eugh.. short films are the devil. I clicked a link and just watched 3 8 minute films. *after the leaving Adrian… * eugh

  36. I thought about doing an Orts degree once. Then I dismissed it completely. Orts just loike isn’t my thing roysh? Although I once totally keyed a skobie’s car. It was Ort if I ever saw it. Rasher would be loike so proud of me.

    (my mind just isn’t in irish now)

  37. Hm, Marie darling, you’re very popular aren’t you?
    I would momentarily like to join then chorus of moaning.

    *Moan* *Whinge* *Grumble* *Cry*

  38. *flicks on….Mick Flannery* … I mean.. “ceol 09” cough..

    I think I’ll do some business. Irish comes alive after 12. Again cough

  39. Sarah ๐Ÿ˜€
    Yup, practically famous. That’s what being in the times does ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ahh, all the caffeine…. CAN’T SLEEP

  40. Well like it’s not the worst.. you just kind of flick through it like 10 secs a page and go.. UH UH…
    Also revise wise business is written by the guy who wrote my book.. so it bastardises everything. Bastardisation is my favourite legitimate word. Just putting that out there…

  41. I reckon the Irish course is pr -e t- t-y saucy if you look at it with a doirty mind which in fairness we do well.. isn’t that right Maire Nรญ chathasaigh.. stripeach.. prrrrr

  42. In fairness from Colm O’ Toibรญn to… the first gay kiss on TG4… Irish is the language of sex. There was a great documentary on Gaeilge mar theanga romansรบil a few weeks ago. “Shocking altogether”

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