I haven’t updated in a while for the simple reason that I’ve not got much to write a full, cohesive blog post about. Since my adoring fan(s? – no, that’s too optimistic) can’t go much longer without hearing something, I’ll just moan about various topics. It’ll be like the letters section of the Irish Times, only instead of various cantankerous old men, you’ll only have to deal with the one world-weary blogger.

1. Art History. Some would argue that I ought to have looked up what was involved before I chose Art as a subject, because five minutes of research would have informed me that it wouldn’t be the easy A1 it had always been in the past. Well, pshaw to that. Puh-shaw. I resent having to study for a subject that I didn’t count on having to study for. It’s really that simple, and I really do lack any greater justification for complaining about it. Well, my teacher herself has said that they’ve been promising to change it for years and the course is nothing like art college, but she knows about this stuff. I don’t, so I won’t embarrass myself by saying any more. Art History blows, and is something like 40% of my overall mark, and drags my average down like an obese rock climber clinging to the ankles of the man above him. That is all.

2. Homework. How am I meant to study when I’ve got several hours of the stuff a night? The great thing about study, when you do it, is that you can address your own weak points and work at your own pace. Homework often forces you to focus on stuff that other people are having trouble with to the detriment of things that you find more difficult. Also, it eats into YouTube time.

3. Extra points for Higher Maths. For Maths and science courses, maybe, and even then, only if you give extra points for languages when it comes to language courses, extra points for essay subjects when it comes to stuff like History and Law, and so on. Most people drop down so near to the exams that they’re not actually missing out on much Higher Maths by doing so, so you’re not exactly making them significantly better-educated by offering an incentive to stay in Honours. I don’t like this ‘all Higher subjects are equal, but some are more equal than others’ business. Grumpy face.

4. Ordinary Maths. I’m doing well, no bother, which confirms that I would’ve had the ability for Higher if I’d been in school more often. I promise not to turn into one of those obnoxiously bitter people who keep going on about what they could’ve achieved if x and y didn’t happen, but it makes me regret not being in more, not trying harder when I was in, all that jazz.

5. UCAS. I’ve discovered that they don’t have to let you know until May. Or was it March? There was an ‘M’ involved, and the ‘M’ is almost farcically far away. Do you realise how much worrying I can get done in the space of 5-7 months? A lot, just so you know.

6. Children. They walk so slowly, and there are so many of them in the morning when I’m making my merry way to school via shank’s mare. They tend to go in threes or fours, too, cheerfully obstructing the pavement. Dreadful little beasties, altogether.

Why, yes, I am the Grinch who stole October. You’re not getting it back, so don’t bother asking. I’ll be back for November, and don’t get me started on Christmas. Question of the week: am I insufferably whiney, intolerably whiney or insupportably whiney?

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  1. In our school the children at the bus stop are our first years and they also run into you at EVERY corner 6th years are planning a mass extermination =D

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