Mock Spoilers (so far)

Before i start, let me say that i’m simply a messenger – all of this information has been published on leaving cert forum.

Some people will question the sense in ‘cheating’ (if we can even call it that) your way to a nice grade on a mock paper. Others will see it as keeping their teacher off their backs for another while. Is it morally right? Is it morally wrong? Does anybody actually care?

That’s not up to me to say, but the information is out there and i’m pretty sure you guys will have contacts i don’t 😉 so if i can find tips and spoilers, i’m sure you can probably find full papers…. anyway, i’m dangling the apple of temptation in front of you. EAT IT or don’t – your choice 😉

(The EAT IT link takes you directly to leaving cert spoilers – om nom nom!).

сооκιέ моиѕтэя ♥
photo credit: ςᴙϵатіѵє♥ ﻓﯠﻖ اﻠﺧ︡ﻴﺂل

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