I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in ages (though it was probably nice to have a break from my constant prattling on and on), mocks have sort of taken over my life. I wasn’t actually planning on that happening at all, but when I come home from a day’s thinking and remembering and writing, oh the writing – well, I’m too tired to function. No doubt everyone is experiencing the exact same thing.

It’s a Saturday. I’m supposed to be studying for my Maths 2 and Irish 1 exams on Monday but I’m having the most horrible trouble concentrating. So here I am!

As of Friday I have Maths 1, English, History and all my Art practical work done. Let me take a moment to discuss History.
Every kind of awful. I couldn’t answer any of the questions on Sovereignity and the Impact of Partition. Three questions we haven’t even covered (thanks, teach) and the one I could possibly have done I hadn’t studied, of course. I wrote the saddest, sorriest, most irrelevant page of history I’ve ever written and promptly gave up. Dictatorship and Democracy: fine. America: kind of ok, I had to bullshit, which I don’t really like doing. Document Question: the only case study I didn’t look at came up, that’s how it always works, isn’t it? It was funny actually, I think I jinxed myself. Right before the exam I was studying* with my history classmate and I said “OMG I bet ~this~ will come up.” And it did. Grr.
(*chatting, insulting historical figures and generally avoiding study)

After the loveliness that was English, History was wayyy disheartening. I had a bit of a sulk later on in the evening and threw aside the schoolbag in favour of singing class and trying to find my doppelganger for Facebook (no one’s ever told me that I look like anyone, which is great for everything else except Doppelganger week.)

Next Thursday, the 11th, and it’ll all be over. My year is planning on going absolutely mental for the midterm, y’know, to get it all out of our system. I recently realised how much I love doing stuff that isn’t studying. I dream about going to the cinema, or even oh! going to Penneys! (Yes, Ballina has a Penneys. It’s kind of our landmark.)

Hope everyone’s having a more pleasant mock experience than I’m having.

Til next time, my dears.


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  1. Penneys in Ballina = <3

    That and the Downhill. Many a previous TY/LC grad night from my school was spent there 🙂
    We're classy peeps 😉

  2. Awh i was sayin the exact same thing today, i would just love to go to the cinema or shopping or even just hang out with my friends for a while, you know just be human for a little while, awh i cant wait til the 25th of June 🙂

  3. It’s a lovely Penneys, but then you go up to Dublin and they STILL have all this stuff you never see down here, despite the sheer humongosity (I made that word up :)) of our one. It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

    The Downhill! You really know your Ballina don’t you?

    Niamh, I’m finding the best way to cope is having little things to look forward to – for example mid-term, friend’s birthdays, Easter, etc. It reminds me that I am indeed a human being with functions beyond learning, sleeping and eating. 😉

  4. Only thing that I can say is: God damn it, I’m glad my mocks haven’t started yet! 😛
    As regards to the History exam, I hate it when that happens. It really is, as you’ve said, disheartening. It can bring even the toughest down, unfortunately.
    I hope your Maths and Irish exams went well today, by the way! 😛 [yeah, I know it’s 3AM and it’s technically not Monday anymore, but it still is for me :P]

  5. I actually hoovered (for the first time in months) to avoid studying yesterday english yesterday! Like that is DRASTIC for me!
    At least you have a pennys in ballina 🙁 none here in offaly!
    I hate when that happens with exams…luckily the only 4 things i studied (read over while on facebook lol) came up in history. Ihate the mocks…only two days left and then major ocification!

  6. Seymore Butts...

    Yes… I do have a sad sense of humor but I couldn’t resist filling in the name Seymore Butts in here after not being able to do it on my LC application. I read your post about it … Laughed for a bit. We got ours the next day and the temptation almost won me over.

    My mock only started today. Meaning they have divided the misery into two chunks and turned our midterm, which was supposed to be a period of sheer bliss, into another week of worry and “SHIT I AM SCREWED” texts being sent. But sure SCREW it… They are important for one thing and one thing only, which is getting used to an exam situation – the high achievers pens quickly filling answer booklets, low achievers looking amazed that the exam is actually happening, the clock growing ever louder as the minutes tick by… It is all about the experience and not the grade. They’ll come sometime… HOPEFULLY! Meanwhile I plan to enjoy my midterm.

    Ah damn Val… I hate a bad exam. Especially when it is a subject you really love. Don’t worry about it at all at all… Not worth even a second of what precious time we have left in the damned system. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again in June and just think… YOU WILL BE FREE ! Take for example, English paper 1 today. LOVE ENGLISH, yet when I got the paper I ceased up and my ability of what i like to call elegant bullshitting left me. The ould sense of timing went out the window, the words of the comprehensions got all jumbled up and reading my script over before having to hand it up, I’d have thought I was a bad pass student. It just wasn’t my day, but it brought me right down. Now maths tomorrow… FUN.

    Oh it is funny… I was reading your post above and you said the thing about Penney’s being in Ballina and I was going WTF ? Since when has Ballina been big enough for a Penney’s. Spent about two minutes wondering where it was then it hit me… Ballina in mayo… Ballina in Tipperary doesn’t have a Penney’s, but stab city is right on our doorstep (Limerick). So I am sure we’d survive without one. Ha !

  7. Ah, my mocks still don’t start until the first of March but it’s quite hard to build up the anticipation and the fear towards them when you’re repeating cause you’re fully aware that they mean nothing, you know? 🙁

  8. I know my Ballina quite well, yes. Nearly as well as I know my Castlebar. Not quite though.
    It’s great to put the prefix ‘my’ on towns, the denotation of ownership is quite an empowering feeling 😉
    Technically I’m not a Mayo woman, just live over the border, but I’m a Mayo culchie at heart. Or should I say ‘At hart’ 🙂

    How’s the mocks going for everyone? I have half a Biology course still to learn by tomorrow. I sense a caffeine-induced migraine descending upon my frazzled brain sometime about midnight.
    Enlarged brain blood vessels ftw.

  9. As a slightly inebriated mocks-finisher I say:
    Mocks were ok! And yeah I’m at home early from the celebratory end of mocks night cos of what I like to call “singing things” that I have to do tomorrow.

    Music was wonderful. The melody was too easy so I’m beginning to think that I did it all wrong. Oh well. I actually can’t care right now. I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    1. Just finished mine today as well with a nice relaxing art exam. Two and half hours of painting and I suddenly remembered why I kept on art for the leaving cert!

  10. How is it that I didn’t see half those comments last night? Oh yes, I know. 🙁 Laptops/mobile phones should be confiscated after a night out.

    Let me see…
    Bruno: My Maths and Irish went well! I think everything overall went well apart from History, which I’m pretty chuffed about.

    Eimear: Studies have shown that dancing like a loon to Glee tunes is conducive to success in exams. God lucky you! I was so stuck, it must have been hilarious to anyone watching me…I was squirming about trying to make stuff up. Urgh.

    Seymour: 4 for you Seymour Butts-coco! You go Seymour Butts-coco! (Mmm Mean girls quotes. “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE” is also very popular at my school.) Your comment is like a little essay I love it. That’s so mean, I’d hate having to spend this mid-term studying. The mocks were enormously draining.
    Ballina Co. Mayo…I wonder is the Tipperary Ballina like our good twin, y’know all clean streets and friendly people with wonderful lilting accents.

    Hermione: When I finished my History and it was terrible and I was mad I realised the mocks mean nothing. Sweet relief.

    Orla: Arah y’know yeerselves everyone wishes they were from Mayo. (Possibly…) I haven’t taken to the caffeine yet, I might try it at some point and see how it works for me. Could be fun.

    Lawliet: OMG I know! Art is GREAT. I come out all airy fairy and laid back. Anything that can make me feel like that is obviously good.

    Phew. I think this comment deserves the A1.

  11. Seymore Butts...

    I was actually watching Mean Girls last night at a friends house. No word of a lie. Very funny film. ALSO extremely educational… I now know that butter is in fact a Carbohydrate! My biology teacher had me fooled and almost loosing marks :O (I wish you could type sarcastically). After the film we baked a cake filled with rainbows and butterflies and discussed how I should write a Lear essay in the style of Gretchen’s essay on Julius Caeser. I then realised I would be thrown out of higher english faster than I could clap my hands if I did. My teacher is amazing… she just does not entertain “that kind of carry-on in the year of our LC”. DOWNER.

    Lucky… You have the… mo…mo… mock behind you. *goes and cries in the corner before returning to the computer to continue typing*

    Yes I would say your Ballina is a wee bit more happening than this one down south! Yes we have the lake and river and all that which is great during the summer but apart from that… MEH. I have tried saying “I’m a celebrity, GET ME OUTA HERE”, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same as it does on TV. Maybe it is because I am not a celebrity.(DUH) Hmmmm… I may just have to go fame hunting. It is about high time I got out of this place… Ha yes… I like your theory of the twin towns … EVIL AND FUN MAYO BALLINA vs. PRETTY (boring) AND PERFECT TIPPERARY BALLINA… Duh duh duh…

    Oh Oh Oh… Do you know any Finnertys ? I am a Finnerty ( YES MY SURNAME IS NOT BUTTS) and my granddads family are all from a place just outside your Ballina. Moy-something or other. Little piece of interesting information for you there… Actually it is not really that interesting at all… Sorry to have bored you. Ha !

    Yet again this comment has turned into an essay. I am not good at expressing myself in short snappy sentences at all at all !

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