My Bad Gaiz

Sorry guys. Especially you, %AUTHOR%.

There’s an auto-thank-you feature which I thought might be funny, but there’s two very retarded flaws:
1. It applies to the ENTIRE site, not just my blog, which means you’ll get thanked by me even if you comment on someone else.
2. The email is sent RETRO-GODDAMN-ACTIVELY which means anyone who ever commented on this blog just received it. Whoops.

Neither of those are specified in the actual menu, so nyah nyah nyah it’s not my fault. Turning it off…

(Note: Tried to send out above in the same way but apparently it only happens once, so I thought I ought to blog/announce/explain it this way. Might actually be cool if it didn’t thank other blogger’s commenters…)

(Note2: Might actually turn this into a full post later on.)

(Note3: Give Aoife a spot on the site. Her blog’s pretty good over on but nobody reads it because blogspot is the youtube of blogging sites (i.e. there’s so much crap nobody really cares any more about anything lacking a massive cult following). She’s pretty funny. But more importantly, she’s pretty pretty. Because nobody likes reading what ugly people are thinking…)

(Note5: This is so nutsacked. I’ve got EVERY SINGLE knuckle-dragger who’s ever made a stupid inflammatory comment on here emailing me going “WTF?”. For example:

Man you really don’t have a life………….i actually feel bad, trying to get somebody “back” for nothing about 4 months later with a email that has no coherency at all. Try something a bit more original next time.

I mean, it’s a bit conceited to think someone’d actually care enough to personally complain to you four months later…)

(Note6: No offence to the conceited douche who sent me that message. You know I’m just kidding around with you 😀 Seriously though, you’re a douche.)

12 thoughts on “My Bad Gaiz”

  1. Yes, I was wondering why I got that email… No, it didn’t disturb me, but it did remind me about this place.

    Damn you, I have my fresher exams soon! I don’t need to read this =(

  2. They all seem relevant to me. In their relative relevant zaniness. Or do you mean relevant to the Leaving Cert?

  3. I was referring to their relevance to the topic. Okay, in a sense there is some relevancy, however they totally defy the purpose of tags. Unless of course, you think someone is going to find relevant content on this site, googling for the likes of “oops” and “weird email”, then I am mistaken 😉

  4. Ahhh, that makes sense. I didn’t really know what tags were for. I thought it was just a way of identifying posts and relating them to each other. I’ll keep being search engine friendly in mind from now on.

  5. Oooh I was mentioned! 🙂
    Yeah, read my blog, click my name, it’s good karma really 😛

    Hahaha, can’t believe people actually bothered to email you back. I just put you down as being mildly insane and moved along 😛

  6. Hi Emerald,

    My name is Louise Holden and I write for the Irish Times. I’m looking for a Leaving Cert diarist for the paper next month and I was wondering if you’d be interested. I asked your co-blogger Olen, but he hasn’t been back so I assume he’s not interested. Hope you don’t mind being asked second!

    Anyway, it would involve writing a couple of advance columns and then a day by day commentary through the exams. I know that sounds nuts, but I will work with you to make it is easy as possible on the exam days – I’ve been working with students on this for 6 years so I have it down to a fine art.

    It’s a paid job and not a bad platform for you if you’ve any interest in journalism in the future. A number of former LC diarists have gone on to write for various publications.

    Anyway, if you’re interested can you get back to me asap and we can see if it would work? I need to get this sorted this week. I’m at [email protected] (or [email protected])


  7. Badass. Guess that ‘Emerald is cool’ tag really paid off.

    Sent an email to your irishtimes account.

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