My situation.

Well basically i have done no study and no work in fifth year. I tried to repeat but they were not taking any repeats. My grades were extremely poor (D’s and C’s). Im not aiming for big points as i am only going for arts in NUIG so i can then go onto teaching. My parents were extremely angry as they should be but they said i have to dedicate my Sixth Year to study alone and that i should start studying on the 20th go August.

I don’t know if this is too harsh or is it the only way i can get the grades i need..if anyone could offer me some advice on how to study and how to dedicate the necessary time to studying.


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  1. No one person could study all the time, they would go insane half way through sixth year. I was in the same boat as you when I was going into sixth year. Look at what subjects you are bad at and work out a study time table. It will be hard for you to stick to it at first but you will get into it.
    Don’t study all the time, do a few hours each day and take a day off. I loved taking fridays off, you’ll need it coming up to your exams. You need to see friends and go out.

  2. All right listen, I could go on about how you should have studied back in 1st/2nd year but I won’t. Studying all throughout 6th year is a bad idea and can cause stress on you. Before studying eliminate these words: “can’t, never, fail”. You need to have a study plan, like every 2nd week study for at least 3 days. Get a tutor too, aim for the highest points you can get which is 600, if you aim for 350 or 200 you will not excel in your studying. Don’t settle for last, aim for first and if you do you may even get a really highscore. Just get a tutor to tutor you on your hardest subject and stick to the weekly plan.

  3. Nothing is impossible, work hard but take breaks and have a life too. Don’t think about everything you haven’t done while you’re studying, just concentrate on what you’re working on at that time. Give your full attention to each subject as you do it and try not to start off with a negative mindset. I’m sure you can do it! 😛

  4. But look sure aren’t most of us like that. I did no work in 5th year and now I started the mocks today and realized how much work I have to put in to get good results in June. Just try and stick to a study plan and have a varied lifestyle. If you only stick to books you will sooner rather than later burn yourself out.

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