Need a quiet place to study?

Get out there and use those libraries. Here’s some facts you may not have known about libraries in Ireland.

  • Local Authorities had an estimated €124.3 million to spend on library services in 2009.
  • Public Library services had an estimated €13.5 million to spend on stock in 2009, an average of €3.17 per capita.
  • There are over 14 million visits to Irish public libraries annually.
  • Public Libraries in Ireland are run by 32 separate library services:
    4 services are run by City Councils;
    27 are run by County Councils;
    and 1 (in Tipperary, where there are 2 County Councils) is a joint libraries committee.
  • There are 359 branch libraries in the Country and 29.5 mobile libraries (.5 relates to a shared cross-border service)
  • Public library services are also available to hospitals, schools, prisons, day care centres, parish halls and other community service points.
  • Mobile libraries serve neighbourhood housing, rural areas and areas of small population.
  • You will find up-to-date contact details for your local library on

The government aren’t paying nearly €125,000,000 of your and your parents hard earned taxes to fund these libraries for nothing so get out there and get studying. You might actually find that you’re a lot more productive when you get out of the house and away from distractions like TV and the internet 🙂

Hill Irish Dance School Dancers
photo credit: Pioneer Library System

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