Of Golden Globes and Silver Linings

While gasping at the horror of Drew Barrymore’s hair at the Golden Globes, I managed to pull out the HPAT booklet (for which I paid 20 euro, only to get a free, illegally-photocopied copy from someone I dare not mention for obvious reasons) and attempt to do it.

I was equally horrified at how badly I had done.

It was biologically IMPOSSIBLE for me to finish the first part on time. And I got more than a couple of red marks, so that my practice sheet looked like it had bled. Profusely. Like it was hit by a train. Twice.

After that disaster, Ms. Barrymore’s hair looks alright compared to mine. If there ever was a silver lining to my HPAT trial run, it was that I did quite well on the second part. With minutes to spare.

Now, I am actually tempted to re-mortgage my house so that I could afford to do that HPAT “prep” course by the Institute of Education. But, my pride and the very few morals that I have prevent me from doing so. Good for the ego, (possibly) bad for the chances of me being a future underpaid, over-worked, dangerously-caffeinated doctor.

For those sane enough not to want to do medicine, and maybe even those insane ones (Elizabeth, Jane and Jennie), what you have just read might have made little to no sense.

I apologise.

6 thoughts on “Of Golden Globes and Silver Linings”

  1. The HPAT is difficult, however your assertion that it is biologically impossible may be a bit extravagant.

    Yes, the Prep courses are expensive, but believe me when I say that they are not worth the money.

    Good Luck with it anyway

  2. Haha no your post made perfect sense! I was so freaked out when I did the practice test that I ran out of time with a few questions to go, which is really bad because each question in that section is worth roughly about 2 marks (HPAT points, so 2 out of your 300) each which is really quite a lot. I really hope I can be quicker on the day (only a month to go, yikes!)

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