English paper two has been cancelled, it was mistakenly opened in a center in Louth this morning and a few students saw it.

It would not be logistically possible for us to deliver the contingency examination by tomorrow morning” – SEC

English Paper 2 will now be sat at 9.30am on Saturday the 6th June

While there will be additional cost to the taxpayer arising from the forced re-scheduling of the exams and parents will be furious, the principal concern must be the implications for the tens of thousands of students who were due to sit these papers tomorrow.

Students have been preparing for these exams for two years and have organised their study and revision programmes in accordance with the exam timetable there were given at the beginning of the academic years. Now they are going to have to totally refocus their efforts for a new date that we still don’t know.” – Minister for Education Bat O’Keeffe, courtesy of The Irish Times

1800 713 913 or click here for more info

134 thoughts on “OH-EM-GEE”

  1. So shit….anyone have any ideas what poets are coming up? Some serious cramming is gonna have to be done…

  2. Me too Eoin, me too.

    So everybody, forget the English you’ve been cramming all night. Fill your head with maths 1. Then after Maths on Friday learn the English again for Saturday. Then on Saturday forget that and revise for Maths 2 and Irish 1 on Monday.

    Do try and stay sane, will you?

  3. Woops, phone rang. I got a text about people seeing the exam and apparently what wa gna come up, and I thought i might actually do decent. Oh well!

  4. All there is to do is LOL uncontrollably, cause this is a large pile of steaming crapola.

    Bishop better still be on, as well as Walcott…

  5. It still might be on. Apparently they’re having a big discussion to see if they can get papers out in time, when all they really have to do is e-mail them to schools

  6. Nah they couldn’t do that, that would require printing off thousands and thousands of scripts. Couldn’t they just have locked up the 6 kids in Louth who saw it? 😀

  7. doont stay at home,they have a back-up paper and it might be sent out and be ready for tomorrow!!fingers crossed its not tho:D!!!

  8. Haha if only! Bastards should’ve pretended they didn’t see it, then just post it on every leaving cert website they could find. It would’ve been the decent thing to do

  9. they should just cordon off all of Louth…really would anyone care? and seriously what poets are coming up god dammit!

    But ya u got let out a lil lolcano at the thought of it….

  10. If Longley is not on that back up paper, and I find out that he was on the original, I WILL SCREAM.
    Every LC student in the country should sue that idiotic examiner who gave it to them by accident.

  11. Sure they were bragging about it, I’m guessing that 90% of leaving certs in the country got one of those texts before 6…now it’s on, it’ll be off again in a minute.

    OH LOOK it’s on again.

  12. This is beyond unfair… Like seriously, how can we be expected to study after hearing that? Ridiculous shit is all that it is

  13. Some people will go to school tomorrow, some won’t. Some people probably won’t hear about this at all.


    Logistical nightmare, much?

  14. Haha that examiner must feel like a right dunce. Imagine they didn’t realise and most of the country ended up getting A’s. I’d be livin the dream with an A in english!

  15. this must realy suck for people who where so sure and only learnt like 2 poets eassays off by heart!!!!boo yah suckers!! i was fucked anyway!!!

  16. “Haha that examiner must feel like a right dunce. Imagine they didn’t realise and most of the country ended up getting A’s. I’d be livin the dream with an A in english!”

    Not likely. They fiddle the marking schemes anyways, so they’d just mark it VERY harshly and no one would have ever known… Bollockses

  17. Oh YEAH they’ll probably have to mark it easy thanks to all of this confusion

    Silver lining, eh?

  18. *hugs Grace*

    I’m screwed. Completely screwed. The most perfect English paper ever has just been cancelled.

    I don’t know what I should be doing now. So confused.

  19. keats keats keats!! he is super hard i would say he will still be on!! cram keats guys!!! cram him!!!
    they cant change every poet that as on there!!!!

    do freaking keats!!!

  20. Uhmmm deception for Macbeth, Longley, Bishop, Walcott…Keats

    And Cultural Context

    Not sure about the other comparative though.

  21. Some load of shite man !!

    There better be a female poet cos thats alllll Im doing hahaha.

    Fucked now ??

    It better be saturday. I hear its the 20th otherwise.

    I cant wait until then to celebrateee.

  22. Keats it is.

    Ode to the State Examinations Commission:

    Damn you. Damn you all to hell.


    The national media are gonna have a field day

  23. If we could at least be given confirmation one way or the other. This is sooooo inconsiderate. Preferably that they’re still giving us that savage paper and will mark easy cos of the whole upset. That seems fair.

  24. whatta scoop! Grace is quick off the mark as always.

    My sources tell me it was Longley, Keats, Bishop and Walcott!

  25. haha it says studnets on teletext. Must be the stress getting to me. Anyway I think that’s it, definately off it looks like!

  26. hate to be that douche bag invidulater at the net exam!!! i would probley pee on him or somthing!!!

  27. Montague might be up now though..
    Scince he wasnt on the original paper..

    They have to add a female in dont they ?

    Rich and Bishop should do…

  28. Are we just supposed to figure that out from watching the news. Or will we be told officially by our schools or whatever like?

  29. I hear it was

    Macbeth: theme of deception
    Comparitive: cultural context
    Poetry: walcott and longley, dont know any of the others

    basically what came up in my mocks and got me an A2

    bye bye A in English

    i now despise that STUPID examiner

  30. Anyone wana just start some kinda revolution? the economys gone to shit, the leaving certs gone to shit i think its time for the student proletariat to rise up! ah i joke cause im screwed………

  31. Oh this is back, grand. I think i’ll ring and cry and tell them they’ve ruined my life. Then give them my exam number so they mark me easy..

  32. We’re all screwed. We’re SO screwed.

    Just remember that they’ll have to mark this pretty easy due to the confusion

    So we just don’t show up tomorrow?

  33. I think we’ll have to go in, in my school anyway. We’ll probably just get a gay speech and then be sent home again.

  34. Lol, half of them are me going crazy

    Yeah sucks for people who didn’t hear. So we go to school? MESSED UP

  35. hahah the new picture is brilliant! I wonder, what would happen if someone managed to see the second one on friday? best thing that’d ever happen.

  36. Jenny and Elizabeth, you’ve got to approve the comments on your posts before they show up, you can do that in the dashboard 🙂

  37. If they saw the back up paper it would be pretty amazing.

    Like the funniest thing ever…

    Might plot for it in my school


  38. Hahaha

    Diferentiation. Gota love it.

    I failed my lates math pre by 2/3 of a precent.

    Always was bad at fractions.. hahaha.

  39. Apparently the second version is gna be mostly the same with just slightly different questions.. So maybe we’ll still have Bishop!

  40. My friends dad got a text from his teacher friend.. Teachers vaguely know these things don’t they?

  41. Not mine. But let’s live in hope!

    Yeah that one exam center in Louth…

    Sucks to be them right now.

  42. It wasn’t their fault though, it was handed out to them.. Would you not take a look? Then deny it, unlike them eejits.

  43. Oh I know, I’m just jumping on the anger bandwagon.

    F*cking examiner, making a silly mistake. F*cking taoiseach. Pricks.

  44. why the hell didn’t they just deny there was a leak…i mean everyone knew that was on the paper ANYWAY! it would have just been another roumer!

    and hopefully they’ll have roughly the same things on the paper, maybe just change the questions…
    they’ll prob still have 2 of the poets on thing… and might add montague seeing as it was his bday this year…and macbeth will prob be kingship…?

    what ya think?

    ps loves ya pamplemousse 😉

  45. the examiner had to ring the examinations commission to let them know sooo really its his fault…..the dope, i mean can he not read or something….he may have ruined our lives!!
    and the worst bit? i would have ACED that paper, everything i learned came up!

    bye bye future 🙁

  46. ah jeez why is everyone freaking out to this extent?! it’s not goodbye future at all! yeah it was pretty much the perfect paper…but im sure the new one will be pretty similar, and they’re hardly gonna be stifflers with the marking scheme! i mean they’ve attracted enough attention to the english paper they could ever wish, they really don’t want more scandal!

    …anyone for Níl Aon Ní now?! =)

  47. Aw man, this is all so crazy.
    I was just going to go in there [exam centre] with my fabulous Mr. Keats and some ole cultural context malarkey and wouldn’t you know, possibly the only test I might have aced, is fucked up by that imbecile in wherever it was.

    I might have to do another poet now… but I’m so. damn. lazy.

  48. Alrighty, so I’ll go in there with mah homedawgs Keats and Walcott.
    Fuck the Irish poets with their dry humpin’ on amish rugs and whatnot.

  49. Hey guys
    Dont freak over this shit im welcoming this news with opened arms. More time to revise for english and maths now, you fucking idiots. STOP freaking out. The backup paper was made up by differant people than the original was, so they more than likely picked the same or almost the same poets just different questions on them. Just study the same shit you were for paper 2 yesterday and you will get a higher mark than you would if we had the exam tomorrow. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  50. I like the way you think ^ 🙂

    Perhaps for most people it was just initial shock that caused them/us to react how we did.

  51. no there is good reason not to be calm!!!
    this new paper is pretty much unpredictable….
    macbeth deception came up and theres not a hope dats gunna be up again….dats gunna be changed to Kingship or supernatural!
    Cultural context and general vision and viewpoint came up….now theme and issue will be up and for poetry who know…..they cud be feckers and put up Rich instead of Bishop!!
    so yes….panic is ion order!:P

  52. ^The new paper was made up by different people at the same time as the leaked paper. They were equally aware of the trends in poetry. The poets will almost definitely be 75% the same. They’ll probably follow the same trend for Comparative too. The difficulty is Macbeth. You have until Saturday. Just f*cking learn it and get it over with.

  53. You ripped off my post LiLi.
    No comments… I thought I’d at least get people freaking out and abusing me for my calmness.

  54. Yeah I’m a lot happier about the whole thing now that I know they were made out by different people. Cultural Context will probably still be there…as will Bishop and Walcott.

    The only problem is Macbeth, but we do have more time…

  55. Hey guys,

    We’re looking for people to express their views on the mess-up on air for Drivetime with Mary Wilson on RTE Radio 1.

    If you’re interested – you could send me an e-mail with your phone number and I will call you back. It’s for this afternoon’s show.

    my e-mail is:
    [email protected]

    Phone number: 01-208-3282

    Many thanks,
    Good Luck!

  56. Paper two was stolen from a school in Cork last year and past around to the school next to it but nothing was ever mentioned because the students had the sense to keep it to themselves!!! These things have happened other years, just a pity in our year that it was found out……..

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