Oh UCAS, The Way You Make-a Me Feeel!

At first this personal statement thing seemed a daunting task, another piece of work piled upon the already insurmountable work load. After higher options, which everyone seemed to agree was a bit of a discouraging day, I was having a bit of doubt about my chosen course. I want to do psychology but everyone seems to be so discouraging about it, people at higher options for example ”My first years find it very challenging,” and ”I have a PHD in psychology and I couldn’t get a job, if you want to get a job do applied psychology” and worst of all ”There’s a lot of maths in it..” Needless to say I was really questioning myself but as I started writing my personal statement trying to convey enthusiasm for the course, trying to be convincing, I realised it is what I want to do. It also turns out, I’m a pretty amazing person apparently!(Or so the personal statement says anyway) Writing about all the achievements you’ve ever achieved and skills you’ve developed really cheers you up. I sound amazing in this personal statement, If I was them I’d love to meet me! We should be more like the Americans, put the modesty aside.

A blogger on this a while ago wrote why UCAS? He was wondering why people were thinking of the UCAS with higher regard than the CAO. If I don’t get into a good college in Britain I guess I’ll stay here etc. Irish students are so talented, it’s a pity the CAO doesn’t care. Have no fear though because UCAS does, It gives us back
identity and looks beyond pure academic achievement. I think the CAO system is overall efficient and no doubt there are plus sides. Nevertheless I think changes should be made, there should be a personal statement added along with points, with identities still concealed. I’m glad people favor UCAS rather than the CAO, take that CAO we don’t need you! (I’m sorry I don’t mean that please give me my first choice!)
The most impressing aspect of higher options was definitely the pilots and army men. I’ve already talked about my like of Northern accents, Uniforms now that’s another one! A northern man + a uniform? :O Total dream. As we walked in slow motion staring intently at the pilots in their crisp white uniform, ”Hey girls, you interested in becoming a pilot? ”Oh no nooo…I’d like to marry one though!” ”Well there’s Gerry over there *points* He’s got a waiting list but I’m sure if you stick around..”. Pilot uniforms, very ”An officer & A Gentleman”.

There was a good talk on about choosing your career though, ”We’re not asking you to pick a career for the rest of your life, we’re asking you what do you want to do next year”. Simples. Well not so simple but it took some of the pressure off. I’d like to take a moment to rant about life in general. I don’t mean to be depressing but life is just bad 🙁 (right now I mean). I saw Frankie Boyle’s new book out ”My Shit Life So far”. I’m thinking of reading it in the hope that it will make me feel better about my own shit life so far. I mean how more depressing can you get than Scotland? (According to him) September is the new January! Everything is soooo depressing, there’s nothing to look forward to there’s no glimmer of hope in the distance. I’m definitely abandoning Ireland, they’ve totally failed us. Ireland listen up, you and I are through I’m sick of your depressing news everyday, your rip off prices, your crappy CAO system, your jobless and hopeless future and your drunken taoiseach who quite frankly is more of an embarrassing representative of Ireland than Mary Harney is for health!

Right, that’s the last of my September blues! I was definitely having a Bridget Jones week ,everything just went wrong. I realised I need to get out of this one horse town, it’s just not working out Drogheda, we’re not the same as we used to be. I’m afraid there’s someone else, I shall leave you for the bright lights of Dublin or Belfast. To be totally honest, I find them more attractive and they can offer me things you can’t. Bittersweet memories, that’s all I’m taking with me! So Taylor Swift I agree can be a bit cheddar cheese sometimes, a little over-dramatic for our age, but sometimes the lady knows her stuff. ”This is a big world that was a small town, they’re in the rear view mirror disappearing now”.


Good luck to everyone with UCAS


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