one week in and im already off track……

okay, well ive just finished my first proper week as a leaving cert student and my god was it a long week and in the middle of it on Tuesday it just hit me like a flash of lighting… my entire life depends on how i work between now and the first week in june (9 months/40 weeks )…….and it’s just shocking.

I’ll be the first to tell ya i did no work last year… and the teachers werent up ta much (all the good ones were off having babies)

I’ve seen friends off mine get their results this year and some were overjoyed, others disappointed and thanks to the modern technology that is facebook… everyone got to see who did well and who did badly and this time next year i wonder what one i’ll be… will i be broadcasting all over facebook how well i did or will just hide myself in shame?

Now don’t get me wrong the leaving cert is not the be all and end all… there are ways round a bad leaving cert although i only aspire to get 350-380.

So back to my first week (longest week ever of my academic life) it started off alright and then just went down hill from there. It’s not really the school part or even teachers  it’s the big H, yes homework. This week alone i’ve spent 2 hours every night on written homework alone and im expected to study after all that . Where will i get the energy for all this and how i can keep a social life with all this? I’ve already had to cancel a saturday night of  antics due to a biology test…

Now the first 3 days i was nothing but motivated and determined  but thanks to my sleeping  pattern and constant tiredness,  most of that motivation has long since gone.
Starting out with the best of intentions, i even made a list of  do’s and don’ts…
  1. NO MORE FACEBOOK……..which in itself is going to be hard. I find my self  logging in now without noticing  and if ever there’s a support group for facebook addicts, i’ll be first at the door for it.
  2. going to bed at a decent hour
  3. getting up early
  4. less socializing and more study
Already the second week is getting off to a better start than the first… Anyway, I should stop procrastinating and go learn some irish essays……

2 thoughts on “one week in and im already off track……”

  1. Hhaha, your blog is actually fair funny to read 😛
    But I could never cut out the socialising.
    Seems like I’ve been doing it more in the last 2 weekends then the whole of summer like :L
    G’luck 😀

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