One word: Ugh.

I love spring. I love the stretch in the evening, the buds on the trees, na h-uan ag damhsa sna pairceanna (or something like that…) but these days I just can’t get no joy. In winter, when it was dark and rainy and even snowy, it was easy to gather my bag and baggage together and haul my carcass upstairs to do a bit of study. Well, it was easier.
Now I have the extra hours of daylight to contend with as well as the annoying sound of other people having fun, namely the children of the neighbourhood. They kick footballs and scream at each other, full of youthful exuberance. I mutter jealously under my breath about noise pollution and the youth of today. I would have gotten that English done too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids.

Seriously though, summer is creeping up on us faster than…um, something fast. I saw the ice cream man today. The ice cream man, for Chrissakes! Where is the time going?
I know where it’s going to – the new Lady Gaga video, painting my nails, procrastinating and eating chocolate in Lent (like a true rebel.)
Ah no. I do study, but recent mock results prove otherwise. I am disappoint.

Maths (Sweet Ordinary Level) – 58% C3
Not great by any means, but considering I didn’t answer 2 questions and only did what I could on the others, I’m pretty happy.

French – 82% B1
As we say in Ballina, chuffed city. I’d be very happy to get this in the real deal. It’s the only thing I’m proud of, mind you 🙁

Music – 58% C3
So disappointed. I did my melody in the wrong key which made me extremely sad…My listening was also atrocious, mostly cos Mozart came up as a main question and I totally wasn’t prepared for him. Sorry Wolfgang. Maybe next time.

Art – 66% C1
I’m ok with this actually. I did well in my life drawing, still life and Art History, but my craftwork brought me down. I chose clay modelling and towards the end I was getting so sickened with sculpting tiny elephant tusks that I just threw it on a wooden board and said “There. That’ll do”. Evidently it did not do.

History – 50% D1
Argh. I hated even having to type that, never mind having to tell people. I couldn’t answer the Irish question nor the Contextualisation on the Document Question. I’m mad about the Irish section though, I should have been able to answer more than one question out of the 4 but no, my teacher had not covered anything else but Cumann na Fucking Gael (sorry Mom.) My pink exam paper is destroyed with the fruits of my in-exam frustration (it says “I can’t do this” and “I’m going to fail” on every page.) I’d like to put in a word here about my history class. I have mentioned before that there are only two of us in it, and people always presume that it must be like a grind. Hmph. Not much of a grind when you have to get grinds for the grind.
(Say grind one more time. Grind. *stop quoting Mean Girls Valerie*)

So. Out of four subjects, I have 200 points. Mmm. I’m still waiting on English and Irish, but I’m not expecting anything wonderful there. I know the mocks don’t matter in the grand scheme of things and that this is the kick up the arse I needed, but I really thought I was pacing myself and being consistent with study. Back to the drawing board I guess! All smiles! We’ll be grand!



14 thoughts on “One word: Ugh.”

  1. You’ve probably heard it before, but seriously the mocks aren’t an accurate prediction of your results. Not even close. You’ve passed everything, which is the main thing anyway.
    Besides it’s better to do a bit crap in your mocks; it makes it much more satisfying when you do class in the real thing!

  2. Yeah! She just kept saying to me “I’m a pusher Cady, I’m a pusher.”

    Thank you for the reassurance guys 🙂

    I got my English and Irish back today…

    English – 77% B2
    Irish – 74% B3

    Suuuper stoked ’bout deez yo. That brings my points up to 425. I can work with this.
    Confidence restored!

    Anyone else got the mocks back? Happy/sad/indifferent?

    1. I’m with most of my results, the only disaster was English, 52% which surprised me since I like to think of myself as having a pretty decent grasp of the English language! Oh well, two months left to get that up to a B

  3. I feel your pain when ppl say your history class is like a grind, even though we have four in our class. Have ye the course finished yet..our teacher is have daily spaz attacks with us lol.
    Its been almost a month since we did our english and Im still waiting for english, nervously.
    Iv only got chemistry (B2) and biology (B1) back so far 🙁 Im happy out with biology as seen as out of the number of students doing it in my year- about 45, only around 15 passed! Im dreading history. I only managed two essays and a page on the third one..and dont talk to me about the documents question.
    Im looking forward to knowing where exactly I stand as they say, ‘bring it on’ lol

  4. Delira’ with my staighre.

    Mocks ain’t too shabby either 😉 Was a bit disappointed with Music too, got 70%, which is scraping a B3, which is fine like, but just shows up our teacher who’s been giving me A2s all year 🙁

    Got the last two (Chemistry and German) back today and was positively ecstatic earlier on about them. Unfortunately, this joy was rapidly culled by my sister’s claims that she got circa 550 in her mocks last year.

    Feeling mucho like the inferior sibling right now 🙁

  5. Hey Shonagh, we’re on the America book (as I like to call it) now which is our last one to do, we’re about halfway through!
    Looks like we were about the same on what we got done in the exam though…The thing is, I was marked v well on the two questions I did do, so I guess it’s just up to revision revision revision now. Blah.

    Eamonn, thanks! My teacher has the course finished now so we’re gonna be just doing exam papers over and over until the real thing. I’m pretty much sorted.

    Haha! Staighre! I love how on the ad they always make a big deal out of saying “Featured on the Late Late Show” – yeah, they were featured on the Late Late…when Gay Byrne was presenting in the 90’s. Get with the times, Staighre bros.
    Wow, excellent music result! May I ask do you play an instrument/what are you planning on doing for the practical?
    I have two friends who are absolute geniuseses, 500+ in the mocks and likely to increase. It’s disheartening stuff, but we have to press on. We can only do our best.

    1. Ah no, I did do pretty alright in the mocks, so I’m happy out. Happy in, and happy all around with them too. Just didn’t appreciate big ole sis stealing my thunder is all 😉

      For music I’m playing piano. Finished all the Royal Academy grades a year or two ago, so just gonna belt out a few tunes from them. Should be graaaand, like. Doing the ridulously untechnical ‘Music Technology’ section as well. Piece of cake….or should I say, piece of Cakewalk…
      …Aho. 😉

      What you doing? Singing and all that jazz? Singing ‘All that Jazz’, even? 🙂

    2. I just have to keep telling myself you’re not sah-posed to do excellently in the mocks. I’m happy for now. I think I’m gonna put myself under house arrest for Easter though, I’ve been reading those exam briefs that come with the Irish Independent and now I have an completely rational fear of the people that attend the Institute. Completely rational.

      Wow you’re like a musical genius wtf! Yes I’m gonna be singing, not “All That Jazz” though, sadly.
      Agh, hang on – the aforementioned children of the neighbourhood have just laid siege to our house armed with water pistols and Lucozade Sport bottles, demanding sweets. Is this real life?

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