Optimism and Tea

Not much to report. Back to school today. What a complete balls. In case anyone is wondering, we’ve got roughly twenty-one school days left. I like it. It’s little facts such as this that enable me to trudge in and out of school everyday, as opposed to being dragged in by the ankles, fingernails grappling at the tarmacadam. I’m not melodramatic… I suppose I should be more positive about this whole thing, rather than perpetually moaning at every possible opportunity. There’s nothing at all endearing about moaning, but optimism has been monopolised by the  happy folk. I resent seemingly carefree optimists who prance about listening to Jason Mraz, I glower at them over the rim of my teacup, mumbling Radiohead under my breath. Wow that makes me sound crazy.

Is it just me or is there a definite link between the leaving cert and (craziness) tea-drinking? I’ve come to the stage where I take study breaks during tea drinking sessions. Read a page of the textbook? Have some tea! Looked up some word in a dusty Irish dictionary? How bout some tea? Spent at least seven minutes in the mere presence of your poetry notes? Tea time! Maybe it’s the comfort of a steaming mug in my hands, perhaps it’s because I enjoy the health benefits of this marvelous beverage, but to be honest it’s probably because the seven minutes it takes to brew a cup of joy is just the right distraction all the time, every time. I wonder if the State Examinations Commission would protest to me bringing some sort of thermos into the leaving.

I’m off to make some tea, happy studying x

14 thoughts on “Optimism and Tea”

  1. +1 with the constant tea breaks!

    Methinks it’s all a conspiracy; shadowy figures in Lyons and Barry’s hatching a diabolical plot to boost sales – namely, THE LEAVING CERT.

    Sounds crazy, I know, but just open your minds, sheeple!

  2. Well orange tastes like orange so there might be some sense in that.

    We should get Barrys to sponsor this site…

  3. I really don’t like tea, but I do find myself taking chocolate/other nice food breaks.
    I also don’t like coffee, but I may have to grow to love it yet. I need to get into caffeine in a serious way…
    Less than 20 days now! Oh no!/Hurrah! (No idea how to feel).

  4. Ah, nothing like coming to this site when one needs to procrastinate alright..

    I found last year that my study came between breaks of TV shows, thanks to a newly upgraded broadband line and the wonders of The Pirate Bay. They always seemed to be accompanied by oe thing you all seem to find a common factor –

    the mug of steaming tea.

    My mother could have replaced Mrs Doyle after all those weeks of learning TV trivia =|

  5. (Opium and Tea? Really?)

    Yeah the whole watching tv shows online thing isn’t very conducive to study. Who knows though, having seen every episode of Gossip Girl twice _might_ look great on my CV. Something different, ya know?

  6. Orla hates the LC

    I adore Gossip Girl!!!who ever ITGirl is on Youtube, i owe her BIG time!!LOVE IT!
    And yes i sincerely agree it will look fan-frickin-tastic on our CVs!!!!:P

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