Pé Scéal é.

So I had my Irish oral today. I considered myself reasonably well prepared by the time this morning came round, but was nonetheless apprehensive. In fact the phrase “shitting bricks” was bandied around my class this morning. I felt more fidgety than nervous until I was called to sit outside the room the oral was taking place in, where I had to wait in solitude for ten minutes whilst another student was being examined. Now ten minutes isn’t an awful long time but it could’ve been years as it was just long enough for me to (a) run through the list of probable questions in my head, (b) recite the appropriate answers and (c) decide that my answers made no sense at all and that I was doomed to fail.

Luckily I didn’t get inside my own head too much, as the exam itself went pretty well. That being said, I do tend to come out of exams on such a high that I think I’ve done brilliantly, when in fact I’m just relieved that the damn thing is over. Our examiner was SO nice, which helped lots. After the introductory questions about family and a few jabs at the Government I finally got around to the topic which I had prepared with loving detail – Barack Obama. Ah yes, just like Jennie I share a deep love respect for the man himself, and enjoy needlessly bringing him up in conversation. (My Irish oral went something like “Pastimes? Reading is a pastime. I like reading. I like books. Barack Obama wrote some books. Speaking of Barack Obama.” smooth.”) Basically, I’m glad it’s over with but it really wasn’t as scary as I had envisioned. One thing I did find difficult was attempting to prepare for my impending French oral with Irish phrases in my head. Blah.

15 thoughts on “Pé Scéal é.”

  1. Woah I didn’t think foreign language oral’s started until next week…well good luck! Hope you’re not _too_ screwed. Don’t forget that google translator is your best friend 😉

  2. by jeekers do i know that you found it hard to concentrate in french after… you slept on me and stole mae’s mouse and nest =)
    ps my tattoo still won’t come off!!!! =) my mom thought it was “lovely”…!

  3. Barack Obama- phwooooooooar!
    What a man! I mentioned him in passing in my Irish oral, I’m saving the amazing stuff for French!

    It’s beyond difficult trying to switch over to french now though, too right you are!

    Bon chance!

  4. If wikipedia/google translator were available in Irish then we would’ve been sorted on the Barack front. I’m pretty much relying on them in French anyway… Bon chance! 😀

  5. I’m wondering if I’ll lose marks/throw examiner off guard if I mention in passing in my French oral that Barack is sexy.

    Also, Jennie, stole your amazing picture of him swimming for my document… merci.

    Totally sexy.

  6. I’m not saying Irish is useless (I really like Irish! but its not far off useless :P) but Wikipedia is so much better in obsolete languages.

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