English Paper 2: Philadelphia, there I go.


Okay, I’m just going to give you an insight as to what it was like being me this morning. I got up at five to read Macbeth quotes like a madwoman. My appropriately towards the poetry went something like this, “shit shit shit shit if Bishop isn’t there I’M GOING TO DIE”. And I would have. Suffice to say I had every single of of my eggs in one basket.
Thankfully it paid off.
We were sitting in the exam centre, that much anticipated paper was sitting, face down, in front of us. In sheer desperation I was squinting at the “Blank Page”, my nose was about an inch from the desk. I could faintly make out what I was hoping, the name “Elizabeth Bishop”.
(Not hugely relevant but it says desperation and it’s cute…)

PHEW. I sat back for the remaining few minutes in what only can be called a coma of relief.
Okay, paper itself.. Probably went better for me than the original would have. I thought that Macbeth question, “compelling drama” was beautifully ambiguous, I went mad taking about development of the characters and how as humans we find the downfall of others very interesting blah blah Macbeth’s fatal flaw etc etc.
Thought that the unseen poem was lovely, I fucking love cardigans (Aran knit ftw).

My Bishop essay narrowing avoided have little love hearts and kisses drawn at the bottom.

For comparative essay I did a rushed but hopefully okay essay on theme and issue. I kept it well structured and I have to say that the Red Bull I downed at 11.35 helped me to get through that.
I did my comparative essay last and when I was just starting it I couldn’t help but think “Holy crap it feels as if it’s been DAYS since I started with the cardigan poem”.
Now my hand is a little dead and for the life of me I can’t form sentences in my head.
Okay that’s a lie.. my hand isn’t dead, it’s convulsing and shaking of it’s own accord. Should I get worried? The shaking is either muscle cramps or blood poisoning from the amount of ink splatters all over me.

Going to plunge into Maths as a nice contrast.
Dreading my Monday and Tuesday combination, sensing a great big dark depression to sink in..
Okay well.

Plus, will people PLEASE stop being mean to the guy who handed out the wrong paper. I’m not just saying that out of a post nice paper love but out of common decency. He’s just a guy and everyone makes mistake. While I find general “stupid Louth” comments quite amusing, hearing of photoshopped images of the man in question and a dunces cap etc to be a bit sickening. Have some sense of decorum and a basic respect for fellow man why don’t cha? (More directed at the dirty tabloids than anyone here directly but hey, if the cap fits…)

Now, going to have porridge and try to convince myself it’s morning and that I have energy to sink into study.

Marie “Dressed Like Pro-Bishop Feminist Today” Dromey.

17 thoughts on “English Paper 2: Philadelphia, there I go.”

  1. lol, i think i did all the same questions as you!
    at 11am, i was like SHIT! i only have an hour left! how did this happen?!?!?!
    then i realised i had lots of time, and spent wayyyy too much of it on bishop and so rushed comparitive. i just about got it all read over, i thought it was a really nice paper!

  2. The cardigan poem was kinda cool, I’m betting loads of people didn’t think so though. If I had been in a different mood I could’ve said “it’s a cardigan. wtf?”

    Glad it went so well ๐Ÿ˜€

    My hand cramped too. Grrr

  3. Left the unseen til last, by the time I got to it I could only write in words rhyming with dad, sad, bad… Needless to say my emotional response to it was inspirational

  4. Lol. If I didn’t care about
    My result I’d have loved to submit a personal response that said nothing more than “I fucking love cardigans. Escpecially the blue ones”.

  5. My God, they give you the paper 5 minutes in advance and make you… not… rip it open and get stuck in? Jaysus, our fella just hands ’em out at 9:29 and we maul into them.

  6. We’re dignifed and proper.
    It’s cause we’re LADIES and cause xray visions does exist that it’s okay ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Our examiner put them out at 9.25 and for those 5 minutes everyone looked like they were about to see their breakfast again. Someone actually clapped when they turned it over to see Bishop.

  8. Awh!
    Great that this day next week we probably won’t even remember all the fuss. Thrilled for all those who were pleased ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Our examiner gave them to us almost ten minutes early, and even so she had to literally peel mine off my desk at 12.50

  10. our examiner wants us in at our seats at 9:20am! and hands them out and people get ate if they cum in later than half 9!

  11. Oh god, I wish they wouldn’t give them out so early. I was nearly twitching waiting for him to say ‘ok, go’, this morning. Those 3 or 4 minutes go on forevvvvver!

    Didn’t like the cardigan poem, at all. Also didn’t read the bit above it, so had no idea he had Allzeimers, I assumed he was dead… Ooops.

  12. He handed us ours at 9.25am and for the next three minutes i could hear the nails tearing into the wooden desks.

    He said turn over and begin and before I looked I began writtin all my quotes and shit down then within seconds EVEYONE started shouting YES! and then everyone was in a fit of laughing for about 2 minutes then I realised everyone was pleased about the bishop and walcott Q ๐Ÿ˜€

    SEXY paper by the way;)

  13. Mhm.
    Even though I am getting a weird feeling that I left a really really really cheesy comment in my Bishop essay. Something bent like “and sure don’t we all love that”..
    Oh well..

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