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Pre exam papers – DEB and examcraft

The Pres have always been a hot topic up for debate. As many of you noticed, the debating has already begun. Many people argue that cheating for the pres is morally wrong, whereas others will be for it, depending on how you look at it. Although cheating has been frowned upon, it has been looked at in a different way recently. Focused learning being the positive one, and using information for bad intention being the negative.

Various formats of the the pre leaving cert exam papers from DEB and examcraft have been floating around the internet lately. Various discussions have been going on over at boards.ie about it, until the moderators stepped up and banned users for posting links to copyrighted material. Which was a step in the right direction, but there was always google cache. And various other sources.

It seems that many people all over the country obtained copies of the papers before they sat their exams. Which raised a little more awareness about the pres and how effective they really are. The fact that schools choose the date that the pres are held doesn’t help either. You have friends sharing copies also. However, sharing information wont stop. But perhaps the approach to the pres needs to be looked into.

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  1. On boards we let people post information but not actual copies of the exam cos that breaches copyright. We really don’t care who cheats and who doesn’t, no skin off our nose!

  2. voice of reason

    yeah these kids are about to go into the real world where there are no shortcuts, just like the leaving cert. the temporary comfort of cheating won’t change anything meaningful, so let the kids cheat if they want to, over time they will realise their mistake.

  3. Isn’t this post from like.. last year?

    But anyway, there’s always shortcuts in life. cheating in the leaving cert won’t do anything. Its merely an aptitude test and any level of cheating that can be accomplished is rarely even worth it to make much of a difference.

    Having said that, cheating in the leaving cert isn’t going to affect you in later life. the LC is a load of bull

  4. Of course people are going to cheat in the mocks because

    1) You’re still midway through alot of your courses and in all honesty probably don’t even attempt to really study til a week or two before the mocks (because you’re busy doing actual learning, not revising)

    2) It’s fairly easy to make predictions as to what’s coming up LC wise (example: For history this year there is no chance of Vietnam War coming up so we haven’t even covered it) but there’s no way of knowing for the mocks and therefore will waste time studying things you won’t need for the exam that really counts

    3) People are gonna do it because they can! It’s our last chance at an exam where we can grab a few hints on what to study before there’s simply no way around learning everything. The mocks are marked inaccurately anyway, give people a break ^.^

  5. im slightly nervous for my english mock examinations and im not a cheater and i dont believe you can cheat with the authority there !!!!

  6. any1 no what is on the french pre paper 2day for ordinary level i dont av ny morals n jst wana pass….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The mocks are more about giving you a trial run of the exams, the timing, what qs you have to answer etc. Its to allow you to make mistakes now, rather than in June.

    And as far as revising goes, if you dont know whats on the paper, youll try and learn everything and remember none of it. If you’re told to learn a certain poem/ story for the mocks, you learn it well and know it for the real thing, far more productive in my eyes.

    Also cheating is considered morally wrong when someone cheats to gain something they dont necessarily deserve and benefit from it. There’s no benefit to getting good grades in the mocks, they mean nothing?

  8. cheating on the mocks is idiotic.. all they are is something to prepare you for the real thing.. when the real leaving comes around you wont have friends texting you the night before to tell you what the hamlet question is :L.. itz nutin to do with morals or the real world.. all it is is common sense.. dopes :L :L

  9. cheating for the pres?whats the point you cant cheat in the real thing its not about morals its about being stupid.

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