A student as smart as could be

had to integrate X to the 3

She said “X to the 4, over 4 I am sure”

But was out by a constant of C!

I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the above piece of genius, but I thought I’d share it with you all. Anyone want to guess what I was kicking myself over as I got my maths mock results? Yup that’s right, I forgot the +C, at least once. This would be understandable if I hadn’t written “DO NOT FORGET +C” at the top of my paper, or a lot of +Cs all over the integration section. So now someone out there, who I will probably never meet, thinks I’m a complete idiot. Despite that stroke of stupidity my maths result was good enough, for me. I got a C1 which is nothing to some but great news for me! For medicine all that’s required for HL maths is a D3 so at the moment if doing fine, it would be nice to drag that up to a B3 for June though. I was happy when I got the result considering I was just cramming loads, but I really believe if I’d gone to bed the night before when I’d wanted to I’d be down at least a grade. See kids, cramming really does work!

I didn’t write much about Valentine’s day, as this isn’t really the blog for that, but if anyone’s interested I spent it fawning over my boyfriend in the cinema and Luigi Malone’s in Temple Bar (lovely restaurant!). You know who didn’t have a happy Valentine’s day? Our English examiner, that’s who. Our theory is she is a middle aged woman whose marriage has broken down and spent a very bitter Valentine’s night alone with her seven cats correcting English mock papers. Writing about “An Amish Rug” probably did myself no favours as it brought back painful memories of her marriage. This would explain why half the year got such low marks (the highest grade she gave, that I know of, was a B2) and some of the other half got As.

A B2 is a good grade for English, but it’ quite disheartening to write almost word-for-word an essay that got you an A1 in class only to see it marked as a B2. There was no more study I could have done for that paper, I fulfilled all the requirements set down in the marking scheme, but it just wasn’t “good” enough I guess. It’s easy to work on things like structure, length, fluidity, but being “good”, well that’s a tad ambiguous.

French I was much happier with, scraped an A1, and to my surprise got an A1 in the aural, which was really really difficult and I’d really thought I’d done terribly in. Like maths, the extra hour study I did instead of going to bed seems to have paid off!

The last result I got back was music. This was pretty bad, I got aB3. A B3 isn’t a bad grade as such, it’s just the questions were answered badly. I got just 6 marks for my two page essay because I misinterpreted “musical examples” and didn’t realize I’d actually have to write notes or rhythm patterns. My melody was pathetic. Almost funny. Sort of. Basically I got 12 marks out of a possible 40 which is a spectacular failure. Having spent so much time on the harmony (which I didn’t even do that well in) I was really rushed for the melody. Because of that I could only make it a 12 bar melody instead of 16 and when I modulated I started reading the treble clef as the bass clef and ended up making a mess of the whole thing. At least I know now that timing is an issue and I’ll hopefully not fail as awfully in June!

On Monday I was outside the Music Room about to check if our mocks were back yet and I saw a list of names for the music practical outsider the door. Says I to myself “I’d better get my name on there” and when I found the music teacher she corrected the month on the list from March to February and told me it was actually the mock practical. So now I have my mock practical tomorrow, when I only found out on Monday. Cue big panic to try and find some way of recording a piano accompaniment. Finally managed to do that today but the sound quality is pretty poor and I haven’t learned one or two of my pieces completely yet. Hopefully it will bring me up from the abomination that was the paper anyway!

More mock results might be coming back this week, I really hope there are some good ones in there to cheer me up from English and Music! I know the results in French, Music and Maths fairly reflect the work I’ve put in so far, but I’m still a bit worried about English. I can’t really say “well I know I deserved better so I’d get better results in June”. What do I know? I’m just a 17 year old girl, if an examiner tells me my paper is a B2, well then I guess that’s it, it’s a B2, I really hope I have a more generous examiner for the real exam!

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  1. The wait for the results kills me. I’ve only got two and a half back and it’ll be weeks before the others make their way back to the school…

    Loving the limerick btw ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Wait, where is there a 2 page essay in Music? They only give you less than a page to write the Irish music essay on in the exam…

    Also, it’s possible your English exam was just marked very harshly. I was totally demoralised by what I got in my English mock, but the examiner was just either terrible or too harsh because I didn’t really improve THAT much (imo) between Mocks and LC, and got an A1 in the real thing.

  3. The essay isn’t MEANT to be 2 pages…it just ended up that way. And it appears I was wasting my time because I was meant to draw beats or notes or something ๐Ÿ™

  4. Elizabeth,

    However much you may have tried to conceal that you were giving out about your ”bad” results, the impression that you’re bragging about them still comes through. Have none of you’re teachers told you that mock results mean nothing? When in your life do you expect to be asked about how you did in your Leaving Cert Mocks? Ultimately they are just a learning experience so you can see where your weaknesses are and learn about timing etc..

    As for your English examiner, bit harsh don’t you think? You have no idea who she/he is, could be your best friend’s parent for all you know. Seems like you’re a bit bitter since what was in your opinion an A1 standard essay got a mesely B2. For some people, actually many people, that is a great achievement and for you to say how disheartened you were with that comes across as being big headed and conceited. The examiner isn’t going to mark you four grades below what you deserved… accept what you got and don’t moan about it. Some people can master the English paper while other are incapable of doing so, and express themselves in ways other than written exercises.

    ps. i got an A2. nobody cares.

  5. I don’t think you quite read my post properly, I know a B2 is a good grade, in fact I said so in the above post. I also never said that my English essays were an A1 standard in my opinion, just that my English teacher gave them that grade. Would you not also be surprised to see an essay that you wrote was marked several grades below the grade you got?

    Of course mock results mean nothing, but I do need very high points. In subjects I had been counting on for points- such as English- it’s quite worrying to get grades much lower than I’d been getting previously.

    I really don’t see how being disheartened makes me big-headed or conceited. If I were angry or annoyed then that woud be a bit conceited, but the fact is I’m just worried about some of my results, which I think I’m entitled to be.

  6. Elizabeth, i find you and this website pathetic!
    you too marie and jennie!!!!!
    get a social life for yourselfs apart from saddo central EYP!

  7. Orlagh = Epic fail.
    The key to success is balance. Between studying and a social life as all these people engage in. Best of Luck in leaving cert, not that you care.

  8. lol Orlagh, your failure in life made me laugh out loud. Also known as ‘lol’ you remind me of [email protected]. Perhaps we’ll subriscibe you to a few porn sites, or have your hotmail account flooded so you can never log in again. So many possibilities ๐Ÿ™‚

    As far as I remember, pathetic is one word too.. So you putting full stops between each letter of the word ‘pathetic’ merely emphasis the failure that you portray in your life.

    Im off to eat more chips…

  9. Nah, I’ll happily admit to being a pathetic loser. Ha, sure who needs one of these “social life” things you speak of when there’s maths? And 6 other subjects?
    Ha, ah yeah.

    Ha, poor form posting her email address too above ^^.
    Although porn.. yeah!

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