Results Countdown.

It’s just a mere week until the Leaving Cert Results…

Nervous Yet?

Now, not to worry anyone but this day shall decide your future.
Will you be getting your course of preference?
Will you be repeating?
Will you meet all your matriculation requirements?
Will you be branded a success or a failure?

In just 7 days, you’ll know….

Seriously though, I’m just trying to freak people out because many of my own friends seem to be getting worked up about them.
Honestly, I’m cool as a cucumber. I love Summer far too much to be worried in the slightest.

But remember- YOUR WHOLE FUTURE DEPENDS ON ONE WEE PIECE OF PAPER. That you’ll be receiving next week.


86 thoughts on “Results Countdown.”

  1. I’m getting to be a total stress-head, and it’s really not helping that I have a mature student friend who go into medicine in round zero. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have my results by now!

  2. I keep forgetting that the results are like, next week. I feel I should be more freaked out, but I’m not. It’s odd. It’s made more odd by everyone else freaking out.

    You just know I’ll be a big giant stressed mess next Tuesday night though, freaking out all over the place. :/

  3. Mia, I agree totally with you, and I think that it’s shocking and appalling that Jennie here feels that she can look down her (inordinately) large nose at those of us who actually care about our futures.

    Also, based on this post, I SERIOUSLY question her potential abilities as a Doctor.

  4. Aoife, I’m thinking the stress ought to hit me by Tuesday too.
    Mneh, there’s nothing we can do about it all now anyway. It’s all been decided. We just need patience.

    I love you Liam. xXxXx

  5. Here are my points on the matter:
    -I only found out last Thursday that we’re getting our results next week, no lie. Can’t be fucking arsed about it, I’m far too busy having fun to stop and worry.

    -I look forward to it as one of the few chances I have left to get mouldy with all the people from my year.

    -Should be a heavy night regardless…

    Thank you.

  6. You kept me amused during the exams, I found your writing funny and entertaining.
    But now…
    I hate you! I spent the time from my last exam until the end of July going over the exams in my head, finally calmed down/ exhausted every possible answer I could come up with in my head, and now you…
    I hate you!

  7. Awh guys, you lot don’t hate me. I know you all love me lots and lots. I love you too. πŸ˜›

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s better to NOT stress about them. Sure there’s nothing we can do! The time to stress was about 2-3 months ago. Now we just need patience!

  8. I heard of cool as a cucumber- but you are ridiculous! Like I’m busying myself with work etc to avoid having to think of them, but acting like that is just pathetic! Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  9. 2 days, aye, and the nerves still haven’t hit me. It’s not “pathetic” really, just because I’m not freaking out.
    Sure we’ll be grand.

    Bobby, it depends on thre school.
    At my school I think it’s 9AM, but it varies. Ring ’em up tomorrow and ask.

    It’s 12PM Online, which I’m considering.
    Because my school’s too far away from my house and I don’t want to have to wake up at like… early. I’ll just sleep on and get ’em when I rise, probably.
    Ah sure we’ll see.

  10. As if your going sleep in that mornin… Its going be like Xmas when you were 4 . Waking up at 4/5/6/7/8am hoping you wouldnt walk out to find santa standing there…

    and then nervously counting the minutes till the time comes to actually click online/ go to the school…

    Maybe your not nervous to the point of vomitin, But without anxiousness, I dont believe your truly human.

    Yours sincerly

    Aisling… LC student 2009.

  11. Well, I slept in last year getting my results!

    People kept ringing & texting me to ask how I did and tell me how they got on… I just told ’em to feck off & lemme rest!

  12. Danielle Boyle

    Its a piece of Paper, and only defines you intelluctually, What about other important parts of life, I.E having a personality, perhaps? WORST CASE SCENARIO, One fails…

    AHHH MY LIFE IS OVER, Shut up its not. There are back routes to every course these days… and if one wishes they can repeat again, its not as their life is over!

    Dont be nervous! You all will be fine, and Jenni, dont be trying to worry more people with your lack of understanding comments! All will BE WELL! πŸ˜€



  13. imagine how drunk we all will be tomaro :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O

    mouldu nuggets

    its going to be great

    and shit the results but alcohollll guys πŸ˜€

  14. Danielle, I repeated already. Chances of me repeating again are non-existent.

    Anyway, best of luck to one and all tomorrow. Yes Clara, I’m sure we will be drunk.
    Although as I’m typing this I’m horribly hungover after one too many cocktails last night, so maybe I’ll take it easy.

  15. well i hope you got an english corrector that believed your crap in the unseen poetry section, did you tell your dad you figuratively killed him off in a desperate attempt to claw in an extra few points? that alone makes me wonder if you possess the morals and ethics required of a potential doctor. good the thing the irish system doesn’t interview or you’d inevitably be uncovered for the ruthless snob you are. good look tomorrow!

  16. Lads, how quick has this come around, i really want medicine next year, bursted my bolllix and its hard to believe one piece of paper will decide if i will be in college getting wasted or instead at home repeating. Everyone pray for me, i need every point.

  17. Isabelle, I really admire you. So courageous of you to stand up to this domineering snobully (that’s my word for snobby bullies like Jennie here) of a blogger.


  18. As wierd as it sounds because I dont know any of you, but you will all do fine.I got my results last year and i was a proper bundle of worries!!i actually did do ok after f**k all study. Seriously in a year u will all be laughing at how worrried you were and how insignificant the Leaving is when its over. AND on the bright side, if u do end up with dire results, its not the end of the world, you can repeat.

  19. Lol, I’m a ruthless snob. (?)
    K Cool.

    Anyway, Niall- best of luck to YOU, fingers crossed on your behalf (as long as you don’t take my place… ha)

    Samantha, cheers!

    and Travis- I’m liking it. For that, you’re getting a new twittter follower.

  20. An old Tibetan saying goes: If you can solve the problem (leaving certificate results), you won’t worry about it. But if you can’t solve the problem, there is no need worrying about it.

  21. Sorry there Danielle.
    But no, 2 shots at the leaving is as much as I’m going to give. Whether I get the points or not tomorrow, I’m moving on with my life.

    I never “had” to repeat the Leaving anyway. I chose to. Just to clarify.
    I already have 550 points in the bag from last year, so I can’t come out with less than that no matter what way tomorrow goes. Perhaps that’s why I’m not stressed. I’ve a back up. I can’t “fail”, as such.

    And I would tend to be understanding towards people who don’t do as well as they’d have liked to, seeing as I was indeed one of them last year.

  22. Basically, if I don’t get Medicine, I’m going to study Human Helath & Disease Science. Or Pharmacy.
    And then Postgrad into Medicine.

    The extremely long way around.

    I know I’ll eventually get it, and that’s good enough for me.

  23. Danielle Boyle

    There are so many more important things than the leaving! I swear its people like YOU KNOW WHO that makes everyone nervous! Your cocky out arent you Jenni?, Stating that your chances of repeating are are non-existent. I HOPE you have to repeat, so when your blogging next year (AGAIN) you’ll have a MATURE understanding of other situations that people are currently in. I think your being VERY immature about the whole leaving cert situation, or perhaps you just love the attention. I dunno, I cant diagnose the problem… but maybe you can, ‘doctor’.

  24. Fail To Perpare, Perpare To Fail.

    If you want Medicine and if it takes doing your Leaving Cert 10 times to be successful, well at least you have showed great courage and perservance to achieve that, But saying eh ive done my Leaving Cert twice, sure thats like me just doing it all over again. I want to do Special Needs and im going the long route because of not having great intelluctual abilites so its gonna take me 3 to 5 years to become successful in what I want to do, and Im ready to take that challenge on, and you should be too! If you get inot medicine you can help so many people, why give up after having a bash of the Leaving twice? I dont understand to be honest with ya girl.

  25. i agree with Yvonne.^^^ in case you didn’t remember way back when in june when that english paper two fiasco was happening, it emerged that the SEC actually found out about the whole mix up THROUGH THE INTERNET and SITES LIKE THIS. the address of this site is so obvious that it would be shocking if they didn’t check it regularly. pity you’ve been dishing the whole leaving cert exam process and aptitude test all this time. sucks that you over used your freedom of expression. so, what this means for you is…your english paper will be spotted a mile away and you will be sorely penalised for your shame faced disgusting lies. also, another thing that this means for you is that your future employers and interviewers (and there will be a lot of them since if by some miracle you get into medicine with that mediocre hpat score, what with interviews for your spr programmes and internship etc etc etc) will undoubtedly stumble across your long winded, often pathetic account of a year that millions have gone through before you. so good luck gettin a job!! ha ha egg on your face, not only did you fuck up your hpat, you fucked up your english too! ergo you are F.U.C.K.E.D.!!!
    yours faithfully
    hpat candidate on 97th percentile
    (can’t wait to go to trinners, i’ll send you a postcard to HHD)

  26. Good for me to. I hope you pass sorry for my earlier comment, I just got the mads as I thought you were downgrading people! LOL piss up tomorow night?

  27. which herpes do you want me to get? herpes simplex virus one or two??? or maybe jennie can decide when she’s studying human “HELATH” and disease, but i’m not holding out seeing as she can’t even spell health.

  28. i am very scared waiting for my results but i know one thing for sure; i’d pick failing my leaving cert over being a vicious, bitter, obnoxious person called isabelle. granted i’m sure this creature is using pseudonym.

    enjoy medicine in trinners miss perfect. we all bow down to you and your gentle ability to take people down a notch even though it was your own insecurities that put her up on a pedestal in the first place. i can’t wait for your come back to this either i’m sure it’ll be suitably boastful and as callous as possible. classy.

    honestly though i thought in order for somebody to be clever enough to get in the glorious 97th percentile would be able to spot if they were a bully and if they needed help, no?

  29. cheers for the psych analysis, move over Freud, here’s “Me!” just curious about A. what am i bitter about, jennie’s fabulous hair or something? B. Jennies does a good enough job of putting herself on a pedestal, i don’t need to help her at all. i’ll make sure to drop by the psych department at some stage during my internship.
    oh and p.s. isabelle is my real name, does it say “me!” on your birth cert or something??

  30. how the fuck am I supposed to know the difference between “herpes simplex virus one or two”??! your gas….with that that in depth knowledge you must already have it. Safe sex my friend, I’m sure you’ll learn about that in Trinners:)

    Night all and good luck with the results!

  31. I jsut happened to stumble across this and felt I really had to say something. I agree with Me! on the fact that there are some thing much worse than failing your leaving cert which is why it amazes me that Me! and alot of other people on this site take Jennies side. I have no interest whatsoever in studying medicine, each to his own, so I do not have any bitterness or need to compete against anyone who wishes to do medicine I wish them all luck! But when I read that Jennie basically sold her dads life for a few points I was horrified (even that word is an understatement) Do you have any idea, any comprehension of how much someone would give if they could get someone back that they had lost??? What they would do or give? To kill your dad off for some points in your leaving cert, don’t you get that the leaving cert is nothing compared to the people you love? How insignificant it is?,
    Ironic isn’t it that Jennie chose to head for a career centred on preserving and saving human life when you would do that to your own family member, did you tell your dad what you did?
    Thats all I had to say really

  32. isabelle i’m so shocked you’d behave the way you do and not use a fake name! as you said yourself this site is very accessible. liam is being sarcastic by the way. you come across as bitter as you’re putting a lot of effort into assaulting jennie’s character. just the way i’m putting effort into defending her, not because i agree with absolutely everything she says and does in her life but because i really hate bullying. let me ask you, are you really perfect? if you published as much as jennie did on the internet we’d all find something to pick fault with, same goes for me and every single person alive. you’re seriously deluded if you think it’s ok to attack people in every way you possibly can just because you don’t agree with them. i imagine you’ll find yourself struck off unless you appreciate that carrying on the way you do is completely out of line.

  33. Ah jaysus lads, if you’re stressed out would you go have a nice drink or something for yourselves instead of coming online and picking fault with a very sarcastic blog which is about 10-15 lines long.

    C’mon now. You’ll be grand. Stop your worrying Isabelle. πŸ˜‰

    Aha, cheers also me! Sound! Good ol’ Karma better dish you out a few points tomorrow.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone tomorrow/ later today. Yeah. Yeah it’ll be fine.

  34. ^Leave my isabelle, with her excellent powers of sarcasm detection, alone, you scoundrel πŸ™

    You’re almost as bad as the J-monster.

  35. Just home from work and have been folling the discussion. Results nerves, eh!
    Well don’t fear all will be unveiled. Best if luck to everyone, lets look forward to the future!!
    Also, well done bloggers for great entertainment throughout the year,
    your leaving cert god and vetern,

  36. Edward (stupid pretentious name)

    Isabel(necessary on a bicycle)

    Ais (ling? Leyne? Linn? very misleading)


    Liam (gimp)

    shut the fuck up

    how can u say such sick horrible things about someone you dont even know.
    her blog is funny and witty and rips the piss out of herself. KNOBS.

    She didn’t “KILL” her dad…
    she used a “personal experience” (albeit a fake one) in order to portray emotional involvement and connections with the poet.
    Her dad said “ah grand, good stuff, LOL”
    I was there.

    Get over urselves I hope you all fail and jennie gets 600 points.

    Just cos youz are ALL shob-gites.

    She’s not a snob.

    She lives in the country.



    She also is quite a silly-billy, and a bit of a dope so i can assure you she has nothing to be cocky about.


    of course

    the FACT that she is,IN FACT,
    better than you.



    byebye now,

    I hope you all choke on ur ordinary C3s tomorrow.

    fucking gobshites.



    ps i love mika.

  37. Guys I am awaiting my results aswell tomorow and tbh i dont know what all your fuss is about its only an exam,if you did your best you will reap the best results, i took a laid back approach and did the exams to my full potential,and i will hopefully get the results i want.
    Good Luck evryone. #

    A Hugh Piss Up, afterwards

  38. voice ofreason

    I gotta say Jephs&chant I disagree, I don’t think Jennie rips the piss out of herself. In fact, I think she is arrogant, smug and self-absorbed. She doesn’t even ATTEMPT in the slightest to be self-depracating or modest. And what’s worse is that she goes on with all this crap about how she didn’t study and she was drinking and partying coming up to the exams.

    WHAT-EVER. Sorry love, you weren’t born with the syllabus of the Leaving Cert imprinted into your brain, it would have taken a lot of learning to get to a point where you could regurgitate it in an exam. I don’t believe for a SECOND you were/are as nonchalant as you claim. I have met dozens and dozens of people like you who got a couple of As in the LC/ 540 points +, all who spouted some crap about not bothering to study and how they went drinking the night before their English exam..bla bla. Within 2 months of being in college they were exposed as the liars they really were. It seemed like these cool-as-a-breeze ‘super-naturally intelligent’ (or so they’d like us to believe) people were actually the people in the front row of every lecture at 9am sharp every day. They were also the people who missed out on college events, arrived late to parties and missed occasions for their oh-so-important essay dealines.

    Truth is, they were studying their little arses off, every last one of them. You’re not doing yourself any favours saying things like how you never studied/went out drinking before the exams/’slept in the first time the results came out’, you’re just exposing yourself as a silly, immature little girl who is trying to prove to people she is SO intelligent she didn’t need to bother nor care.

    The mere fact you have an internet blog for the last few months where you discuss the ins and outs of every step of the leaving cert in minute detail, tells me you are in fact very absorbed by it and very concerned by all things leaving cert related!

    Oh and I got an A1 in English too, and I studied hard for it. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it :-).

    Over and out!

  39. voice of reason

    yeah she did.

    yeah she’s smart.

    yeah she went to the library a bit.

    you are sooo jealous its HILARIOUS.

    i got an A1 in english too.
    jennie has reason to be cocky, even tho she’s not.
    we both got A1’s doing a course in a year.


    you cant claim to kno someone you’ve never met.
    ur so full of shit its hilarious.
    no one is forcing you to read this blog.
    say what u like abt it,

    but some ppl on here are just PLAIN nasty creatures.

    i love milk

  40. voice ofreason

    Jephs, you think I’m jealous of her? Why would I be jealous of her? You don’t know what course I’m doing or what I look like or where I’m from to able to say that. And see you’re STILL at it, getting another boast in about how you got an A1 having only done the course in one year. Why did you actually say that, seriously? Are you proud you had to sit the leaving cert twice? Not being bitchy but if you’re going to throw that ball into the ballpark my point has to be made.

    No-one is making me read this, no. Does that mean I’m not entitled to have an opinion on what’s been written? I don’t think so. You say ‘so many’ people are nasty, do you see a pattern here? That she is in fact annoying a lot of people! It’s hard for people to swallow that.

  41. Hi Jennie,

    Just curious, but what did you get in your leaving cert results? I was just following your blog all year.

    hope it went well,


  42. hope everybody’s happy with their results! it’ll be interesting to see what the cut off for the hpat will be. i have 726 so i’m hoping it’ll be below 725 or even better 720! back to panic station on sunday night….

  43. Please, please shut up isabelle :), we know its just a cry for attention. Really well done going asking dr daddy about herpes or spending hours on wikipedia looking for a come back (by the way nice one Beth). Anyway I’m sure you’ll become a very knowledgeable doctor albeit with a severe lack of bedside manner!

    Well done Liam and all the others who’ll be getting med on monday and good luck to everyone else borderline.

  44. jennie, i enjoyed your blog all year up until your last one. it was witty up until you crossed the line. your last blog basically mocked everyone who was bricking it about their results so i’m sorry i got nasty, it hit a nerve.
    and btw barry, neither of my parents/siblings are doctor’s. that herpes shot came courtesy of a nurse.

  45. Yeah, I’ll also admit this last blog was a bit out of line J. The thing I dont get is if you were like OMG, HPAT was a disaster, why are you so indifferent when it came to the results. Surely if you were borderline you’d have more reason then any of us to be bricking it before the results which, as Saul points out, you still have’nt told us?

  46. Hi all!
    I’m pretty happy with my results!

    I’ll write a post ASAP, been so busy this week haven’t got around to it.
    Check back soon!

  47. Wow Isabelle, you certainly are a feisty little shrew. My kind of gal. I too feel quite secured with a place at the moment with 757 in the bag. Hope to be seeing you in Trinity in the not-to-distant future!

  48. Christ thank god i’m not going to Trinners with Isabelle, WTH et al. What is wrong with ye. You’re the kind of people who value friends less than results. Come on and drop the act. I’ve had to see people around me not getting what they want, people who were clearly meant to do one thing or another, and who worked really hard only to not see it come off. Ye’re there calling other people eejits for doing really well. Did ye really want to do med for the helping of people, or was it for the status, to be able to tell people “look at me i’m a doctor” and somehow that makes you more of a person. This is not aimed at all Trinners lads by the way. Just some fools

    Rant over

  49. Well I think the argument of “doing it for the status” is right and wrong, some people do it for the status where as others do it out of true humanistic compassion. The people who are doing it for the status are just dicks. But there’s dicks in every walk of life, you have the same chance of meeting a dick of a doctor as you do meeting a dick of a bus driver.

    The amount of vitriol I’ve read directed at Jennie from her fellow med hopefuls leads me to believe that they are just dicks. If they manage to stay the course and become doctors they’ll probably still be dicks, in which case I wish them luck when all their patients start switching because they can’t stand their dick of a doctor any more.

    The End,

  50. congrats on your points, What the Hell, you’re definitely in trinity now! i just can’t tell if your last comment was sarcastic or sincere??

  51. lads,
    i would love to tell you all to take it easy, but with offers on monday i know it isn’t so easy to relax. Even so, i really do think it isn’t fair to give out to someone based on the vey little evidence of her character provided by an internet blog. like isabelle and WTH, i didn’t agree with some of what jennie was writing, but i don’t think she deserves the likes of

    ‘yours faithfully
    hpat candidate on 97th percentile
    (can’t wait to go to trinners, i’ll send you a postcard to HHD)’

    Being honest that demonstrates more hubris to me than anything jennie has written in what i felt was a fairly entertaining blog. (listen, i did not mean that as an attack either isabelle, and wasn’t picking on you in particular. apologies if it is seen that way, but i’m sure in less stressful times you will look on that piece with equal disbelief).

  52. When it comes down to it Saul, everybody has an ego, one that they feed everyday. If you really want to help people and ONLY help people, be my guest, join Concern or become a nurse. It’s easier to get into and takes a hell of a lot less time to train, allowing you more time to help people.

    Despite what most Doctors say almost all of them want some status or recognition for what they do.

    If someone wants status, that’s what they want and that’s what makes them happy. Who are you to say that that makes them dicks? If a person works their ass off for years, does overtime and gives up most of their social life, I would think that one certainly has the right to enjoy all the added perks of the profession, don’t you?

  53. thats very true What The Hell. i’d also ask what would everyone prefer to have when they’re sick, a dick of a doctor that knows exactly what they’re doing cos they worked hard to get to where they are OR some airy fairy “heal with love” doctor with amazing bedside manner whose medical expertise isn’t up to scratch? i’ve worked with ignorant pigs of doctors whose patients got the best medical care and i’ve also worked with the ones who are so desperate for their patients to like them that they are distracted away from the medicine. i’d pick the ignorant pig any day. you’ll also find that the best consultants come across as cold and superior.

  54. On what WTH says, yes there is status to be EARNED by being a doctor, its not a given. Aswell the doctors you find who get the most respect from people are the ones who do their job well and do’nt let it go to their head.

    I also get the impression that Isabelle thinks you have to be intelligent or have bed-side manner. I’d much rather have someone like J as my doctor because she clearly can communicate with people rather than criticising everyone around her except the people who agree with her. Oh and no-one ever mentioned the “heal with love” kind of doctor, but if you’re talking about alternative medicine, I will agree with you. Most of it’s bull and the stuff that worked became….,well medicine

  55. there is an enormous difference between the practical, no-nonsense approach used to great effect by many people in the workplace and the behaviour to which saul is referring. if you guys intend to re-label such comments as anything more than vitriol directed at a competitor, be my guest. It doesn’t make it true, and it never will.

  56. i wasn’t implying that a doctor can only be intelligent or have bedside manner, some possess both, some unfortunately possess neither. i was pointing out that if i had to choose one of those merits for my doctor to have i’d choose the intelligence. i’d rather be alive and pissed off with the fact that my doctor was a dick, than die under the care of a doctor that talked nicely to me.
    and for the record, i’ve been complimented on my bedside manner on numerous occasions when i worked as a care assistant.

  57. the simple fact is that some of the behaviour exhibited on this website ammounts to a little more than bullying. While not reflecting on anybody’s professional competence, it is in my opinion unacceptable. There is no reason to question any of your opinions isabelle, they are plainly correct. I just believe people can maintain a civil conversation on the internet without resorting to comments and behaviour i deem immature. There is no need for a debate, i think everyone can agree on that.

  58. Isabelle, make up your mind.

    Apparently I see myself as being superior and up myself. Yet that’s bad. Yet they’re traits of a good doctor. Yet I’d be a bad doctor.

    Get yo’ back up off the wall.

    I’m not joining in on a debate (I don’t have time, post tomorrow or later at the latest. Sozzles ;))
    Cheers to all for the sound oul’ comments.

  59. yes voice of reason ur jealous.

    i said i got an A1 cos u said it. trying to be superior.

    i said i did it in a year, or nine months to be precise cos thats harder than doing it in 2 years, therefore shitting all over ur little parade there.

    what has what you look like got to do with anything?!? thats weird.

    Oh using the whole “yeah well u repeated” dig. nice. me and jen and im sure plenty of other repeats have heard that many times before. ]

    I was 5 points off my first choice. I got my second choice by like 95 points. but i wanted my first choice. which i got this year. i didn’t HAVE to sit it twice. but i did. you are such a twat. i didnt fail my leaving cert.
    dont try the whole high and mighty shite.

    If i didn’t kno jen id say she might annoy me too im just trying to tell everyone they’re being silly. you’d love her. everyone does.

    even if she did brutally murder her own father.


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