The long wait is finally over and by now, most of the 57,839 of you have probably gotten your results. So how did everyone do?

Well here’s a press association press release;

Only one Leaving Certificate student has achieved nine A1s in this year’s exams – the highest in the country.

Six pupils secured eight A1s on higher level subjects while 37 got the top mark in seven papers and 92 secured six.

But the State Examinations Commission (SEC) revealed the number of high achievers has dipped from last year, when 11 teenagers got eight A1s and one scooped nine.

So only one person in the country got nine A1’s which is the same as last year. Yes, only one. Disgraceful.ย Six of you got eight A1’s, which pales in comparison to last year’s eleven ๐Ÿ™„ And people wonder why the leaving cert has become so competitive and a points race? That press release right there is the reason why. It’s wrong on so many levels. No mention of failure rates, no mention of individuals (all just stats and comparisons)… ignore that drivel as you’ll find articles like that all over the place, written by people who’ve probably never even sat a leaving cert, never mind hit 600 points in it.

A level and GCSE 2008 results - photo 17
photo credit: hammersmithandfulham

Enough with the leaving cert elite, here’s a stat for you – less than 0.24% of people got 600 points. Yes they deserve praise, but they’re a tiny minority group and we must not let their success detract from the average John or Mary who’s given it 100%, gotten 300 points but is delighted and never expected it.

Eoin Jackson (xlc project) who took an incredible 30 subjects, passed 27. Insane. Most people struggle with 7 subjects.

Happy? Angry? Surprised? We’d love to hear how you all got on…

Reviews / Rechecks

If you want to get anything reviewed (and ultimately rechecked), get a form from your school and return it to them by August 24th. Recheck applications close on September 8th and cost โ‚ฌ40 per subject (free if you get upgraded). Results from rechecks won’t be out until the middle of October.

14 thoughts on “Results”

  1. What’s the average points score in the Leaving Cert? Either last year, or overall. Does anyone know or know where I could find out?

  2. i got 480 and shat a brick. i didnt tell anyone not even my teacher till i got home im ticking now i should applied for college. i guess the dole will have to suffice.

  3. 465 delighted, only needed 345. was pulling me hair out thinking i failed English or German. All good though.

  4. I got 445.I’m so bitterly disappointed.I repeated after getting 410 and worked my ass my 7th choice in a university I really didn’t want.I don’t think I’ll ever get over that overwhelming wash of shock on realising what I down right now.hope rechecks bring me up:(

  5. Don’t beat yourself up…take a degree course & get yourself in education…you’ll be surprised what doors are opened once u have any degree…and you should still be able to steer yourself in the career path you want by going onto do a masters in your chosen field instead…there are many ways to get there so don’t feel too disheartened. 445 really is a fantastically good result & there are a lot of options open to you. If ur 7th choice is not for u,then consider travelling for a year,it might make you see things differently & you’ll never regret travelling

  6. I got 525 points, but it’s not so much the points as where I got them- A1 in English and Geography and A2 in Art. They’re my favourite subjects. Still in shock. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I was disappointed in my results, ok I worked during the year, had hopes of a higher grade. I passed

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