Retard, Am I?

Few things in this planet are as tedious as washing contact lenses after coming home from school. Having to learn 5 Bildergeschichten is one. Following a particularly slow learner driver when you’re already a week late for school, is another.

And so, in order to distract myself from all that German, and also to adhere to the quota of posts per week (quota, what quota?), I thought about those moments when I was mentally paralysed and decided to bore anybody who is reading this into leaving the site and (hopefully) getting some study done. Because something wicked this way comes. Mocks, anyone?

1. I actually asked my biology teacher, when we were doing respiration, why humans couldn’t breathe under the sea when water has oxygen dissolved in it. 5.7/10 on the Retard scale. (1 being stupid and 10 being Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds)

2. Last week, the best excuse I could blurt out when asked why I don’t do after school study, was that I had to walk my dog. Which is wrong for two reasons: I don’t walk dogs. And I don’t have one. 2.3

3. 65 cents + 65 cents? 1 euro 10, of course. 7.8

4. When my bio teacher reached my name while taking the role, I let her know I was in class by saying, with the most exaggerated German accent possible, “Ja?” 8.1. And I’m quite sure she did not forget I was there.

5. Being stuck during a particularly hard English exam – pen in mid-air, eyebrows furrowed – because I could not spell “draw”. 10.0

I’m sure there must be more, but right now, that’s all I can care to think of. In these tense few weeks leading up to the mocks, taking some time to laugh at myself really takes the edge off.

8 thoughts on “Retard, Am I?”

  1. 65 cent and 65 cent is 2.65 you fool!
    Haha, wait… 😉

    Good post, made me chuckle! Didn’t particularly make me feel like leaving the internet, but you can’t win them all!

  2. Haha! Good job!

    Yeah, it sure isn’t 2.65, unless of course you count the “.” as multiplication…
    I can’t do much, but I can add, me.

    Haha, I thought the human’s-breathing-under-water thing was funny too. A valid enough question. Kind of..

  3. I’m sure you could if a huge amount of oxygen was dissolved in it. I don’t know a thing about chemistry; how much oxygen is soluble in water, bearing in mind that it has to be cold enough to be “inhaled”? Seawater would kill you for a different reason; it’s full of salts, which are extremely poisonous.

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