Revision Seminars, Pres, HPAT….Social Life??

Sorry for taking this long to post but my parental units felt the need to withdraw my internet privileges as they thought it was ‘interfering’ with my study. All i can say to that is ‘WT fuck??’, but thankfully The broadband modem and I are now happily reacquainted = D

soo..anybody else fall victim to the delusion that revision seminars are the solution to all? just yesterday i sacrificed an entire saturday in the name of chemistry revision in ucc(pretty pricey revision at 5oeuro!). Not really sure what i’d expected but it wasn’t what i got. Basicly we were presented a chemistry book,slightly smaller and less ‘waffly’ then our actual book but a fairly hefty read nonetheless. We then spent six friggin hours going through that book! I will concede that the lecturer was fairly proficcient in the art of pretending to be an electron(did you know that they’re all scottish??) but aside from that it just seemed like exactly what any chemistry teacher would be doing with their class in may except crammed into one VERY long yawn inspiring day. Maybe other people found it helpful,and i’m open to criticism. leave a comment if you were there and think i’m just being a cynical biatch,oh and if you were there, I was the girl sitting with the infamous SIMON,lol.

SO enough about that,and on to bane of my existence right now..PRES. Normally I am the most layed back person around,infact i’m practicly horizontal, but i live in fear that my loveably chilled out dispositon won’t last the next few weeks of general ‘freak-out-ness’. The pres are approximately…well i have no idea when they are,but they’re soon and i should probabley be studying for them like everyone else. I however have been reminded of this fact so very many times that my natural teenage rebllious instinct has kicked in and has revoked my ability to study for more then half an hour at a time. Not the kind of thing someone hoping for medicine should be doing,or not doing as the case may be, you’re probabley thinking and you’re totally right. So basicly,PLEASE STOP GIVING OUT TO ME EVERYONE. I’m directing that particularly at certain classmates(you know who you are!). If worst comes to worst i can always stick to the golden phrase “it’s not like they matter anyway”,i really hope that works as well for the l.c pres as it did for my j.c ones.Nothing beats a good excuse afterall,except maybe a leather suit..(fotc joke,hehe…)

So on a totally and depressingly related note, the hpat is right smack band in the middle of my pres. sad,eh? This sucks worse then beta decay since the hpat actually matters,so hopefully i won’t succumb to pre fever and be a nervous wreck that weekend. I think that my school might secretly conspiring against me cos they want me to have to repeat so they can have me for a whole year more. Not likely,i know,but it’s a comforting thought.

I should probabley be doing some homework/study right about now but i think i’m gonna end this here and go watch full metal alchemist and pretend i’m in fifth year(you should try it,it’s a nice feeling!).


p.s. I miss having a life!

3 thoughts on “Revision Seminars, Pres, HPAT….Social Life??”

  1. If it helps I acomplished nothing this weekend. There I was friday night saying ooh il take tonight off and in the morning I will do an English essay for starters. Then later a German comprehesion and learn the notes for a few Irish poems. Well as the day went on nothing got done and I was pretty angry with my inability to focus. That night I said its ok tomorrow will be grand. Todays tomorrow and its not :/

    Im starting to realise I get much more done when I promise myself nothing, that way I wont get strung up on the whole I just wasted 10 hours thing. Arghhhhh…. and at the same time im saying to myself you really need to get going soon or bye bye any chance of a good leaving cert. It recks your head so much you feel like doing nothing!! So what im really saying is your not alone in lc woes as you probly know? I dont know.

  2. A tip Iv learned is if you make out a short list of what you wan to get done hm/wk and study wise for each evening and put something that you have already done first and tick it off. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something and I find it easier then to carry on.

    Oh is anyone going to the Maths revision course in UCC this saturday?
    I went to the first history one before Christmas and I found some parts better than others, but otherwise helpful enough. Hopefully the second one in two weeks time is better still.

    And F.Y.I. its now twenty to eleven and I still have homewk to finish
    🙁 lol

    1. Shónagh, I often come in from work and start up homework at eleven. Feeling your pain. 🙁

      Good to have ya back Annah and I get what you’re saying about the medicine and everyone’s preconceptions to study. Sometimes I tell people that I don’t know what I want to do because of the looks you get. Either people expect you’re killing yourself working or that you’re some sort of weirdo with airs and graces. It’s fairly annoying!!

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