School’s Out!

The smell of fresh cut grass, the beams of an unfamiliar sun, the water balloons; yes the summer is truly here and the end of school is just around the corner for thousands of students. For many more this means the start of some demanding study!

Not to fear with ‘National mitch Day’ on Friday, we will get a break from the books for a short while. Seems the teachers have also picked up on this ‘national mitch day’ and decided to give us/themselves a half day… that just takes the entire fun out of the event doesn’t it!

At present I am focusing on my history research project (thing). I don’t know what I’m doing to be honest with this. Seemed easy at first, thought I would take ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ for it as he seems to be a pretty neat guy. The whole project thing does get a little tedious after the first three pages though. I am also focusing on the art practicals these days with that exam on the horizon. It also appears that the exam papers for the practical art exam have arrived at the school… and lawfully cannot be opened. Anyone up for decent raid!

The whole thing seems to be getting a little exciting at this stage. How surprising… hello there is study to be done! I think everyone is glad just be getting the exams out of the way and moving on. I’m looking forward to the grad mass too, and the typically Irish booze up that will follow afterwards, our last moment of secondary level immaturity, our last night out (unlikely) before the big exam.

Also, can someone please get back to me on how to study?
Still looking for that winning formula,
(*Urban Dictionary: Mitch-
Brit slang for truant. –
Teacher: Where’s Bill today? Ben: He said he was going to mitch off.)

2 thoughts on “School’s Out!”

  1. well im goin through exam paper and exam paper marking schemes which u can get on . it gives you the answers required withoout talkin a load of bull and it saves time .just get ur exam papers n go through each topic one by one ,make things alot simpler and gives u an idea of what comes up a lot and a sense of pattern. good luck

  2. Thanks John,
    Yeah the marking schemes are very handy if you’re stuck on a question alright.
    And just to let everyone know, I did take part in this “mitch day” or have anything to do with materializing such an event. 😛

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