Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit

The Leaving Cert begins soon. Real soon. Not quite sure when, but some time this month. I haven’t started studying yet. Shit. Maybe I should get on that. Soon as I finish this post. And check my email. And watch the third Mad Max, even though it’s meant to be crap.

I’m told we’re being scouted by the media now. Like Marie pointed out, everyone’s scrambling to print stories on the LC to add to the OMFG whirlwind that the masses buy in to (literally), and our little blogs are the perfect things for lazy journalists to slap into their newspapers (hopefully without reading them first, ’cause I don’t think I’ve made a post yet with less than 10 mother-fucking expletives)

From now on, my posts will probably be shorter and sweeter to accomodate a busy movie-watching, video-game-playing, anything-but-studying schedule (with the occasional exam as a movie-break). Speaking of which, checkity-check the forum post where we’re discussing how best to blog around the exams with some semblence of order. While I’m at it, checkity-check, a blog written by what could only be described as my Tyler Durden (if you don’t get the reference, go watch Fight Club you uncultured git). She’s a fellow LCer with a similar sense of humour, sense of style and sense of sensibilities as yours truly. Plus she was born on the same day (albeit several hours before me, the old hag). Weird, huh? I’m convinced it’s my alter-ego, and that I’m just writing that other blog in my sleep. (Except, y’know, as a girl, ’cause I’m secretly gay or something) So if you’re desperate for more of me, you could check her out for a more estrogen-fuelled (thusly inferior) version. (I love plugging other people’s blogs. Makes me feel all important, like a celebrity endorsing something trite like that finger-snapping thing Bono’s into) (I’m not secretly gay, assholes)


Anyway, I’d just like to wish everyone shitty luck in their Leaving Cert Exams. C’mon guys, make it easier on me. I think we should all just refuse to sit it. Send in blank sheets, get o points. What are they going to do, refuse entry to everyone anyway and just sit on their hands? It’d cause a national depression. They wouldn’t let that happen. I call a student strike!

(I’m sure there’s one or two people out there stupid enough to take me seriously. That’s a little less competition. Feel better now…)

6 thoughts on “Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit”

  1. A nationwide exam strike would be, I hate to use the word but, “epic”. Of course it would never work out but hypothetically speaking it would be pretty hilarious. Especially since our government has no idea how to respond to a crisis. They’d just run around in metaphorical circles until they bashed heads.

  2. It doesn’t have to be nationwide.
    It’d be more original if it was like that urban legend about the guy who got an essay on courage to write in his leaving and wrote ‘This is courage’.

    We should all just do something like that!
    Top marks for the most original answer.

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