Don’t worry. Its only the pres. It’s not like its the leaving cert, that damn state examination.

Yet everyones going mad?
Pages, wasted ink, insanity, shiny exam paper pages.. I swear that soft shiny paper keeps me amused for a whole one third of the exam time.. nattering, more pages.. god what a waste of paper.. heavy breathing (theres always one person that will get REALLY bored in an exam). or if you go mad like me, its the sound of my little inky pen being thrown against the table in an effort to break it so I’ll have a reasonable excuse not to continue the exam.

One thing I LOVE about my English exam, is usually the essay titles. I guarantee you there will be always at least one title that will allow you to slate the education system, the government, and humanity. The easiest option is always to take this. Think about it, your in an exam, and how many people are usually happy about that? Not many. Your angry. And the essay title (I 200% guarantee you) was put there for you to ‘fuck’ them out of it using big words.

To be lazy…

Well, actually it really hit me, I should be studying instead of writing. Writing things that may interest like minded people in the same situation. I should be sitting in front of a text book, scrolling through nothing I can relate to. And perhaps disappearing beneath the books like covers. Although, I could do with the sleep…

8 thoughts on “Sigh.”

  1. I’m in fifth year, so I can still say “Ara, it’s only fifth year; I’ll start really working next year.” Yep. Been using these tactics since I was twelve.

  2. Hatrickpatrick

    Heh, you serious? Looking forward to my Irish results so…
    Seriously though, what the hell…? Paper II, ordinary level Irish: We spend half the year reading impossible stories, poems, and drama, which is fairly funny when you translate it but still a ***** to try and write about in Irish, hours of memorization, lectures in class about not studying enough, panic on the brink of the exam…

    …And it’s all worth about 16%? TWO AND A HALF HOURS, for 16%?
    There’s something really, REALLY messed up about that…

  3. We only had English this week, my other 6 subjects are crammed into the next 4 and a 1/2 days.

    I liked English Paper 1 (DEB), I had an essay already done which receive high marks and I just added the necessary line into it. This one being “the air was electric”, aka the climax scene. I agree with Amy when she says they are only the pres, but somehow I still find myself stressing over them.

    Didn’t like English Paper 2.


    Don’t even mention Irish, please. ๐Ÿ™

  4. Similar to our school. They crammed all the subjects into one week. I have a few more days left this week.

    And irish paper 1 in the morning. woo!

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