Sixth year has beaten up my immune system. Bully.

My enthusiasm for sixth year is all but gone. My attitude to school has gone back to how I felt in TY – Ah sure, it’ll all be graaaaaaaaand! Being sick in bed + Season 1 of Gossip Girl – study and homework = FAILURE. This also shockingly happened in third year, right before my practicals. Same illness & everything, whatta coincidence! Either way, it makes it too hard to study. I think it’s probably gone past the stage where my mammy is going to believe that NG actually stands for Natural Genius. However the one advantage is that I might actually get some work done later & tomorrow. Seeing as I can’t go out for one of my friend’s 18th’s tonight, what else do I have to do other than study? Well.. The X Factor. My best friend went to the UCC open day today so she’s not going out either. Night in watching trashy TV? Yes please! There’s always tomorrow to do some work.. I missed three tests when I was out, so my Home Ec teacher agreed I can do hers when I’m back in and the Irish & Geography ones were revision which aren’t too bad. I’ve also an Algebra test Monday but I like that so it’s not the worst I suppose.

Other than that, I pretty much have my UCAS application done. I have to fill in my choices on the website but I know what they are and I’ve finally squashed my Personal Statement down to less than 4000 characters! My guidance teacher has to give it a final check since I haven’t been in but hopefully I can just get it out of the way. After Friday, I never ever ever want to look at it again. Thursday, I have a debate which should be.. interesting. I’ve been involved in it for two years & this year there’s been no team picked yet, so I have to fill in for the first debate. I don’t actually have a speech written yet & haven’t been talking to anyone.. Once again I’ll blame it on being sick. Anything to avoid being at fault.. Once that’s all over.. UCD on Saturday! As part of the HEAR scheme, I’m getting extra tuition for three Saturdays up there, in four subjects. Apparently it’s really beneficial so maybe it’ll help me. Hope so! (That probably means another Saturday night in, my social life is vanishing right before my eyes…).

The day before I got sick, I had my appointment with the principal & I have to say it was actually fine. He showed me my first year & fifth year file photos, I cringed, he asked me what I wanted to do, I answered, he said my teachers liked me, I smiled. He may have been lying but it brightened up my day not to be told to readjust my hopes! Both him & my guidance teacher seem to believe I can reach 500 points, which I would be quite happy with. I’ve also been getting on better in Irish, I’ve managed to get back up to B’s and that’s a big thing for me!

So, it’s off to study I go.. There’s still time to squeeze in work before my night of X Factor & the Pokemon film. Yay 😛

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