Smartening up

Hello all,

So spent 1 and a half hours studying physics last night just for like a weekly test. I really want to ace it. Slight set back, I never passed a physics test :/ So I’m on a mission to do well in the leaving after been a failure in 5th year. Some adventure ahead folks.

So boys and girls, I think it is time for a time stopping debate..The big taboo..RELIGION!!!..

Who believes? Why? Since when?

Personally, I couldn’t believe. Just couldn’t “faith is a gift I have not received”. So much conflict and drama involved to be any good for mankind :/ If you believe, fair enough. I just find it so funny that last year I would go to double physics and then to religion. A small irregularity there, no? My opinion, no offence meant, sorry if it seemed as if there was.

On another note: we should sign a petition for, let’s say less depressing poetry to be thought. Honestly Emily Dickinson makes me wanna cry, no joke it’s horrible.

Also, are there many schools out there that let students off premises for lunch? We aren’t let. But yet the school has an aura about it that makes one feel like they are in jail. I think the ratio of staff to students is 9:1, cameras everywhere and no escape from it until 3:35 ๐Ÿ™

I have 2 things for you to see lads:

The websites danmcoolpics and documentaryfims great website to kill hours lads

Peace y’all, Yogi out

3 thoughts on “Smartening up”

  1. Religion is a matter of believing what you what to believe. The only reason why it has gotten so out of hand is that it is impossible to disprove the supernatural and so there is no one to rubbish your beliefs (in any affective way). In all honestly we all believe what ever is easiest for our minds to comprehend. If it bothers you that there might not be a god then you are probably a believer. If it wrecks your head to think that there is a god then your atheist. It is an unanswerable question so why even bother to think about it, we all believe whatever we want anyway.

    Thankfully times are changing and although what I have said above has always applied, there is no longer a sense that everyone must believe in order to survive in society. Now without brainwashing there is less religious education and so less false believers. Soon religion will become meaningless and be nothing more than tradition.

  2. Personally I do believe and I practice my religion. It’s nothing to do with my parents because they’re not religious, it’s just something I turned to in the last two years. I wouldn’t try force it anyone though, I’m not bothered about whether other people believe the same things as me ๐Ÿ™‚

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