So Now What?? – The Leaving Cert. Results

By now we all have our Results and the initial shock is all over. Whether it was good or bad we all have to think about what’s next. Will you get the course you want in college? Will you repeat? Or will you settle for a course lower down on your list of preferences? All of that will be decided on Monday.

What else is there to think of? Do you want to view your exam scripts? Will you get some subjects rechecked? Personally I have opted to get all of my papers sent back for viewing, and might get one or two subjects rechecked. The reason is is that it is free to view your papers, and if your going to see two or three, you might as well see them all. You’ll never get the chance to view them again and you might have questions as to how you may have lost marks you thought you had. Or maybe you’d just want to see them to find out what percentage score you got in each paper. Imagine the glory of being able to say you got 100% in any of the Leaving Cert. subjects!

The cost of rechecking may be well worth it in the finish. €40 to recheck it and you get the money back if your grade is changed. The vital points that may get you into your preferred course, or the perks that come with being a high achiever. For instance, free accomodation for those with 600 points in UCD, – for those of us with 5A1s and an A2 a recheck may put and end to financial worries for a year.

Anyway, Good Luck in whatever you decide to do!

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