1 down, a LOT more to go. I awoke early this morning, it must have been 7am, and by no means had the Leaving Cert hit me. I drank my numerous supplements, minerals and other general remedies that we seem to indulge in at this time of the year. Who knows if they work, we’ll just pretend that they do anyway.

I arrived at the school with plenty time to spare. It was only at this moment my nerves got the better of me. But by no means was I overcome by them. I enetered the exam hall and the general frenzy that you would expect to happen was going on, running around for exam numbers, borrowing pens, etc.

The paper hit the table like a ton of bricks and I felt the pressure of it! “You may begin!”. IDENTITY, teenage society, the one I didn’t read, writers study rooms, this was by no means difficult. But we all have our weaknesses and mine was time management. I was running out of time when it came to doing only my second question of three. It was rushed. My composition was a race against time, but I finished what I began, definitely not the length or quality I imagined but we all make mistakes. Let’s hope to rectify these in the coming days!

I left the exam hall neither happy nor unhappy, I just don’t know how I did. Tomorrow I will be doing my second English paper, I am nervous. It is predictable but what if it’s not as predictable as expected, just how many poets, what poets! It’s scary, I haven’t started studying for this paper yet and it’s only hours away!

I must go study!

oh the stress of it all,


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