Stats the way we like it!

We’ve been working hard on over the past couple of months and although the results are visible on the site itself, they’re also evident from our traffic stats.

  • In the 2009, we received a total of 46,507 visits. That’s an average of 127 visits per day.
  • In 2010 so far, we’ve received over 12,000 visits. An average of over 300 visits per day.

leaving cert stats

So our average daily traffic has more than doubled this year and that’s largely down to our revamp in early January. Since then we’ve been writing more, adding more features, organizing things better and generally looking after the site more.

Whilst everything is looking rosey for us, we do have some serious concerns about you guys. 61% of you use Internet Explorer as a browser. What’s going on guys? Do you WANT to fail the leaving cert IT exam? Oh wait, it doesn’t exist 🙄

Still, joking aside, Internet Explorer can lead to serious illness and in some cases death 🙂 There are cures available in the form of Chrome 4 and Firefox 3.6 so you have no excuses! Better safe than sorry!

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