still cant get the hang of it…

So nearly 3 weeks back at school and it  just seems to be stopping and starting  and im still kinda in that summer mood (which is depressing in this weather)

I’ve already missed 5 full days of school ( 2 of which was absent) and the other 3 were taken up with higher options and team building days and so on. Now if i was in any other year i would simply be loving this set up but im in      leaving cert people. I cant afford to miss that many days and ill miss most of friday because  Mary McAleese is visiting our school on friday which is great  and mary mcaleese is a lovely women but unless a question like “does mary mcaleese have highlights in her hair?” or “what perfume does she wear?” comes up on any leaving cert paper shes not much good to me….(ive met her 4 times already the novelty has kinda worn off by now)

And as for studying ahh don’t even talk to me about it… i try, i do try but i cant get the hang of it. I start supervised study next week so here’s hoping that will sort me out. But seriously as soon as 6 o clock comes around and i hear the simpson’s theme tune the books are thrown in the bag and the bag is thrown in the corner…..But seriously im not the only one, i cant name any of my mates that have that have a study plan or even spend over an hour studying a night  (cavan work ethic for ya)

and with all this homework , revision and study my workload is already full to the brim. But now i also have to research and produce a 2000 word project on my chosen topic for history i mean it will take me months to do and the real kick in the teeth is that its only worth 20% i mean whats the point really.

ahh how i wish to go back  to the days of the junior cert and cspe where the project was worth 60% and the teacher more or less did the work for ya and the only thing you had to really worry about was what type of poster will you draw for Question 7 of the exan. You where guaranteed an A or B in the exam. I miss the junior cert, i didn’t study for it at all to be honest with ya (probably why i find it hard to study this year)….. but the junior cert lads it was a walk in the park  and i had the best supervisor ever he was an old man about 70 and every exam without fail he managed to fall asleep and he was the only supervisor in our exam hall….. he managed a whole half hour of sleep during my history exam which was kinda off-putting im sorry i didn’t bring my notes in with me but i sill got an A in honours so it all worked out in the end and i even went out the night before one exam and left most exam’s early. But i was over the moon with my grades so it all worked out.

well i better head on, and try to force myself to study… stay strong people only 9 months of this nightmare left……

4 thoughts on “still cant get the hang of it…”

  1. Most of the lads I know did absolutely crap in CSPE, in the CBS nearby a lot of them actually failed it! This shocks me..

  2. ahh yea ive heard about a few that failed cspe i was shocked to i didnt think it was possible……but i sapose in my case my teacher did most of the hard work for us everyone in my class got an A or B ………..

  3. haha youd a supervisor that fell asleep.i happened to be at the very front so my supervisor just sat there with a mug of tea for 2 hours gawking at me 😛

  4. ahh id of hated to be at the front that would ruin my concenteation all together . thankfully i was at the very back of my exam hall with the sleepy supervisor way over the other end of the room .but him falling asleep was very distrscting. 🙂

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