Stop talkin that blah blah blah!

First post!

Sup every lady and every gent? Hows it hanging?

Well, I think you’ll find if anyone is repeating like moi, its outstandingly hard to accept it, right?

Last September, I was whistling away thinking “this is my year” like a naive Liverpool fan. Thinking, “500 points”…..Then December came “400” ….Then March “380”……June “ummmmm”!!!

Well, can you imagine how much I cringe at the Ashton Version 2009? !! Oh dear…Naive! Of course, hindsight is horrible! Then you hear yourself pep talking in your head “This year will be different”…..It should be, shouldnt it? I mean, I have been through the mincer, I know whats expected. I know whats coming. I should be alot wiser. Well, I found myself slipping into old habits – making study plans over, time management still sucks, adding points in my head etc.

Anyone could tell you, I think too much and act little. I could spend ages thinking out a plan and then fail to act. So, maybe I should stop thinking and just do!  And September has more or less peaced out on me! So, I gotta act fast and get consistant! Be realistic and motivated! After all, Im only doing for the UCC freebies at freshers week haha 🙂 (joke obviously)

Well, thats a brainstorm. My first post. Im going to peace out myself now and try and get SOMETHING done! A study plan is so tempting but Ag science is crying out!

Peace neighbours! x

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