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Hey everyone!

So here’s my dilemma:

I’ve been homeschooled for a few years now, because we move between countries a lot, and so I haven’t actually done a lot of the Irish curriculum. I’m planning on starting the two year Leaving Cert course in September. My problem is, I would like to study Law with French in University, but for that I would need to get an A in French in the LC, and I’ve never actually studied French before. Since the French course for leaving cert is continued on and built up on what’s studied for the junior cert, there’s no way I’ll just be able to start the language with the LC course.

Is there any way I can be anywhere near close to scratch for starting French with the two years of LC if I were to use, say, Rosetta stone and some Junior Cert books and study it from now and over the summer?

Advice, tips?

I know it’s not likely I’ll be able to do French and actually pass for the LC, but still, any help is appreciated!


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  1. Hey 🙂
    I have finished 5th yr. and I’m going into 6th yr.
    and yes French is one of my LC subjects.
    In my opinion French can be picked up in 5th yr. easily.
    I had a really bad teacher from 1st to 3rd yr., so my whole year suffered. Very few people gained high results in there JC. The ordinary French LC course is simple and basic , most schools spend 5th yr. doing the ordinary course, so you are not going to feel lost in class ! If I where you get your hands on both ordinary and higher LC French papers and start firstly with ordinary . The comprehensions are easy and in my opinion they only difficulties for you would be the tenses and the listening as they speak very quick. So I would suggest get cracking on those straight away 🙂

  2. Have you thought about trying to get away to France to totally immerse yourself in the language? Have a look at some of the courses we run.

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