Leaving Cert Accounting

Leaving Cert Accounting

Leaving Cert Accounting Syllabus

For those of your considering taking leaving cert accounting as an option for the leaving cert, it is definitely advisable to have a look at the syllabus to show exactly what is included for this subject. The leaving cert accounting syllabus provides an overview of the programme and details why it is useful.

The syllabus is designed to get students to develop attention to detail and accuracy when dealing with financial information. It looks at developing professionalism when managing accounts and processing financial information in different formats. The leaving cert accounting syllabus also focuses on developing ethical practice, entrepreneurship and the need to embrace technological developments. It also aims to develop learners proficiency in dealing with financial institutions.

The syllabus outlines the difference between ordinary and higher level accounting. Although both exams include one exam that is three hours in duration, the exams are different and the level of detail required on the higher level paper requires a deeper treatment of the subject. The specific areas of the accounting syllabus that fall into the higher level only exam are covered within the syllabus itself and perhaps it’s a good idea to look at these in terms of designing a personalised study plan. Higher level students need to demonstrate a better knowledge and understanding in their answers.

At higher level you will also need to show more professionalism and accuracy in relation to demonstrating practical accounting aspects of the course. The key content included in the leaving cert accounting syllabus is as follows:

  • The Conceptual Framework of Accounting
  • The Regulatory Framework of Accounting which is higher level only
  • Accounting Records including Double-Entry Bookkeeping, Bank Reconciliation Statements, Control Accounts and Suspense Accounts
  • Sole Traders
  • Company Accounting which includes Share Capital; Reserves and Loan Capital, Financial Statements of Limited Companies and Appreciation of Annual Reports of Public Limited Companies
  • Specialised Accounts such as Manufacturing Accounts, Stock, Club Accounts and Accounts of Service Firms, Departmental Accounts and Farm Accounts
  • Incomplete Records which is higher level only
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Management Accounting and Budgetary Planning and Control
  • Information Technology and Computer Applications in Accounting

Exam Papers and Marking Schemes for Leaving Cert Accounting

One essential thing that you need when preparing for your exams are the past papers. Our exam papers section provides you with easy access to past papers for all leaving cert subjects. If you want to find the leaving cert accounting exam papers then look no further than our accounting leaving cert exam papers page.

This page includes all past papers from 2005 up to last year for both ordinary and higher level accounting. Also included is the marking schemes for both ordinary level accounting and higher level accounting. These marking schemes are used by examiners to assess the papers and give recommendations on how leaving cert students should structure their answers.

Using the accounting exam papers and marking schemes together is really good in terms of preparing for next year’s exam. If you focus on the exam papers for the previous two to three years for accounting, this should give you an excellent idea of the type of things come up on the exam and how to go about preparing your answers to get the highest possible mark.

If you want to look at other subject outside of the accounting past exam papers have a look at our main leaving cert past exam papers page.