Sure this is it lads….

Hi all, I’m Kate, 17, and (shock horror) a Leaving Cert student. I’m well chuffed to be on the team this year..hey, it’ll be a useful procrastination method if nothing else. If my worthless ramblings entertain someone to boot, all the better.  I hail from Cork, but hopefully not for much longer since I can’t stand the place. The whole People’s Republic of Cork concept truly baffles me- lads, its a kip, do get over it.

For the LC I’m doing the big three (can’t be bothered naming them all out), History, Biology, Accounting, French and Ag Science. The Ag Science is less for academic, and more for personal reasons, one day I want to marry a farmer, preferably named Seamus, preferably a potato farmer from Sligo (so, if anyone knows of anyone, give me a shout won’t you?) But since thats not a CAO option (yet), I’m thinking of either Physiotherapy or Journalism. Both courses would get me out of Cork, which is an added bonus in itself. But in all honesty, I haven’t a clue yet. Much as I hate school, this whole adulthood lark seems pretty daunting as well, so I’m trying to put off thinking about college for as long as I can.

I’ve been back at school since last Friday, which is earlier than anyone else I’m willing to bet, since our school is run by a pack of Nazi overlords (yeah, I’m a bit prone to exaggeration).  We’ve been getting lectures about the importance of studying and the evils of merriment and social life since then pretty much. There was one especially memorable quote from our Year Head on the first day ‘There are many parking spots on the road to success.’ Still trying to figure out what that one meant, and how it’s going to help me in any way. But the actual meaning of their lectures, and how much work there really is to be done, only sunk in today when I copped the size of the  Irish exam papers. Seriously, the King James Bible has nothing on this thing, could feel my shoulder dislocating as I tried to haul it from the shop. Things didn’t improve much when I looked inside and saw they were all written in a language I couldn’t understand. That’s when it hit me lads, there’s actual work to be done here. Kill. Me. Now.

But for now, that work is going to have to wait (ah,if procrastination were a Leaving Cert subject, the possiblilities…). I’m getting out in the sun while I still can, it could be the last time I see it for 9 months.


2 thoughts on “Sure this is it lads….”

  1. I laughed, that description of the Irish exams papers is way too accurate. Nice blog 🙂 What’s the problem with Cork though? It’s not all bad, I quite like it here.

  2. thanks, nice blog yourself 😀
    ah its grand I suppose, I just have a tendency to complain about everything, it’d be the same no matter where I went!

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