French & Biology

I know I’m a little bit behind but hey, better late than never right? Ok so first things first, yesterday’s French exam. I thought the comprehensions, like Annah, were nice. The first one especially although I was a bit more vague on the second one. Also very happy about the lack of questions on the …

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3 Weeks

Yup, they’re just around the corner. The Mocks, Pres, Hell, whatever you call them. I don’t know about anyone else but I can safely say for myself I’m not ready. Not even in the slightest. I’m pretty sure that with the sum of my knowledge so far I could scrape a pass in most subjects. …

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The Post-Exam Blues.

Thus far, I’ve sat 9 Leaving Cert Papers. I’ve done 2 orals, 2 aurals, and a pretty awful Geography project. I’ve also done all of this and more last year. I’ve pretty much done it all again. Almost. All that remains is Chemistry. I ought to be delighted. Ecstatic. Excited. Proud. But I am not. …

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